secondhand finds: uncovered

This weekend we had some people that we love over and we were talking about yard sale shopping. During our conversation, one of the things that came up was that, while it’s easy to look around a yard sale and see lots of junk, sometimes it helps to rethink what you’re looking at.
Take, for example, ugly pillows. They are everywhere. What most people don’t think about is that a lot of those horribly ugly pillows have perfectly wonderful, comfy inserts just a zipper away. By looking for ugly pillows with zippers, I can usually get them for between $1 and $3, saving me a lot of money compared to things like these.

As a bonus, you can put the old, ugly covers into your own yard sale and, who knows? They just might appeal to someone. Or you can give them to Goodwill.
After getting high-quality inserts for a steal, I’ve found that my home-sewn pillow covers look a lot more professional. (Because who really enjoys lumpy bumpy pillows?)
To provide myself with even more flexibility (given that I have a hard time deciding what to eat on any given night, let alone settling on one color scheme for the rest of my life), I like to make either zippered or envelope covers. Both are super easy, and give me peace of mind when curling up on the couch with a big mug of hot chocolate. Because I. spill. Everything. Sometimes I change clothes just so I can eat. Yes, pathetic.
Lately I’ve been wanting to add a punch of color to our fireplace room, so I used a few Saturdays worth of yard sale finds and some cheerful fabric to come up with this:

I know that it’s a little bright, but I like how they liven up the oak pew that my husband is such a fan of. (not that I’m not a fan, it’s just very…orangey)
I also added a couple of pillows to our family room to bring some modern fall/winter accents into the space (fabric from Ikea).

A small tip, but hopefully a helpful one! Happy yard sale hunting!


One thought on “secondhand finds: uncovered

  1. Your pillows are just lovely! I can’t wait until you do your magic on mine!! Any ideas for finding good places for fabric? I am sure it has to be washable and durable. Should I wash the fabric first before you sew it to help with shrinkage? Love you!!

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