one man’s trash…

Zach and I just got back from three wonderful days in the mountains of NC where we got to spend time with his family and enjoy this:

The perfect place to ring in fall!

Tonight is low-key. Zach has been watching sports (he was watching a rugby game when the announcement “Serbia toughens stance on hooliganism after Euro debacle,” came across the screen. Bad news for Serbia and all, but the fact that the word “hooliganism” was used made us both laugh) and we have big plans to watch Three Men and a Little Lady (a $5 Wal-Mart snag) tonight. I was super excited to find it, since it was my FAVORITE movie when I was younger. Some kids were hooked on Snow White. I rented Three Men and a Little Lady pretty much every single time we went to Blockbuster. No joke. Love it.

Last Saturday, we had so much fun holding a yard sale with our friends Ben and Abby (somehow the word ‘friends’ doesn’t seem quite adequate here. We love them). We ended up making a pretty solid profit, and enjoyed spending the morning laughing at the craziness that is yard sales. For example, while Abby was selling cute things like these (that I grabbed):

I was selling (yes, selling- this wasn’t my first rodeo) my used nailpolish from middle school. And people bought it. And people didn’t buy brand new in the box platters, photo albums, and clocks. Because people. are. crazy.

Another item that Abby had that was way cooler than the junk we were selling was her mom’s old Halloween mask. I almost snagged this one, until this lovely lady (another person that the ‘friend’ title doesn’t quite fit for) came and bought it. No harm done. I can’t think of a better, more hilarious person to own this gem. (Don’t worry, I gave her fair warning that this was going up on the blog)

The lesson to be learned from all of this: some people don’t yard sale shop because they think all of the good stuff will be gone by the time they get there. From our experience, the only things you’ll be missing out on are some used nailpolish and summer camp craft projects (yep, sold that too). No harm in trying!


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