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I promise I tried to come up with a really creative title for this post. No dice. This is assessment (report card) week and I have a day full of parent/teacher conferences tomorrow. So, all I can muster today is a look at other people’s creativity. That being said, it’s pretty awesome. I’m constantly blown away by the things people come up with. I hope you’ll enjoy this snapshot of stuff I’ve been drooling over on Etsy lately!

from Etsy seller pocketstudio

We spend the majority of our time each day in the City of Oaks. How cute would this be to add some local pride to a nursery? Adorable.

Etsy seller thewheatfield

Happy, happy, happy. Just like I would be to see either of these hanging in our hallway.

Etsy seller ponderandstitch

A much needed reminder for me. Come to think of it, maybe this would be better for Zach than for me. That way he can just hold up his wrist when I’m stressing out over some unnecessary rediculousness. Which is all the time.

Etsy seller vintagetwee

Love this idea for an Alice in Wonderland themed party…or shall we say, Mad Hatter’s Tea?

Etsy seller mrsdazo

For the sake of children everywhere, it’s a very good thing I am not a math teacher. However, if I were, I would totally wear this.

Etsy seller ahpeele

I’m thinking this could be a pretty perfect Friday school shirt.

Hope you enjoyed this round-up as much as I enjoyed browsing the creative incredibleness that is Etsy! Much like the title, please insert your own clever conclusion to this post here.


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