woot, you make me laugh

Zach just sounded the alarm. Yep, there’s a woot-off going on. Even though we won’t be buying it, their decription for the video baby monitor currently up for grabs made me laugh so hard I just had to share it:

Preparing your baby for the future isn’t all sunshine, jetpacks, and star-ponies, you know.

We spend so much time teaching our children to reach for their dreams, don’t we? But what will happen to them if those dreams are taken from them by a cold gray world ruled by Corporate Lords that hopes to squelch any inkling of free will in order to produce a more efficient slave class that will never rise up against them? You’ll have a lot to answer for down at Interrogation Unit 114 when he or she tries to form some sort of Resistance, that’s for sure.

Why not get your child used to the idea of ever present overseers watching their every move with this handy Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor? Like our future overlords, you’ll be able to watch and listen as your child sleeps thanks to the night vision camera with 8 high-intensity infrared LEDs. Listen for any hint of dissent with the built-in high sensitivity microphone or pacify any unruly behavior with one of 5 lullabies. And with 2-way communication, you’ll not only be able to soothe your baby with the sound of your own voice, but also feed him a constant stream of propaganda like “SLEEP NOW FOR A STRONG TOMORROW” and “BUTT ERUPTIONS MUST BE REPORTED TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY”.

Remember, getting your baby used to dystopia today means they won’t be sterilized and sent to the prison mines tomorrow. One night, as they fall asleep in their designated living chamber under the glowing eyes of their masters, they’ll thank you.

Funny, funny stuff. Ok, that’s all. More normal posts (like an explantion of where in the world we’ve been) soon to come.

today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘t’

today, tuesday, thoughts, thanksgiving, turkey. terrific.

We are officially out for Thanksgiving break, and I am so thankful. I love the kids and I’m grateful for my job, but the crud that has been creeping around school has totally caught up with me. About half an hour after getting home today I was down for the count.

I am not at all one of those people that has rules about when Christmas music is allowed. Usually by this time, I’ve played  through most of my Christmas cds multiple times. It’s just kind of irresistible. Since we don’t have a way of playing my ipod in the new car (I had a tape deck hookup thing for the old car), I’ve been forced to wait this year and I’m not sure I can take it any longer. Earlier I had this and this  on repeat on the computer. Please excuse the cheezy videos, but I hope you like the songs. Two of my all-time favorites. Yes, I know they’re not traditional, but they give me chills.

My sister-in-law has this in the boys’ room and I think it’s adorable. I love that Etsy is such a great resource for unique, meaningful art.

Friday night Zach and I got to chaperone a dance. Yes, got to. 1) It was at the RBC Center (very kindly donated) and cooler than some proms. 2) If you’ve never seen 6th grade boys attempt the macarena you’re missing out on some hilarity.

Zach and I got cable this summer (mainly for the World Cup), but recently cancelled it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting to watch shows like American Pickers and Sarah’s House, but we just didn’t feel like we got our money’s worth (especially now that we’re back in school). We did sign up for Netflix, which we’re having a lot of fun with. I’m excited to catch up on 30 Rock. In my opinion, it’s just as funny as the Office. Proof:

Have you had these? They are part of the reason I’m thrilled this season is here. We may or may not have eaten an entire box and a half. The cocolate covered ones are even better, but they were out of stock.

Ok, pictures and maybe some decorating stuff coming tomorrow. When I am actually home to see the sun for a substantial amount of time.

secondhand finds: a weighty issue

This post is going to be about an item that becomes wildly unpopular this time of year. (Jaws music here)….The scale. (screams of despair)
Don’t worry, I’m not going to be posting about any crazy diet plan or telling you how you should stay away from the green bean casserole because I have fun intentions, better yet, a plan of attack, to enjoy the next several weeks. Nope, this scale isn’t for people. At one time, it was used in a market in Raleigh, and now its sole purpose is to cutify our kitchen. I found it during one of our Saturday adventures and immediately lunged toward the man in charge spitting out, “doyouseethatbigbluescaleovertherei’lltakeit. Thank you very much.” I LOVE the fun, retro lines, the fact that it matches our kitchen perfectly, and the excellent condition. It was originally covered in a pretty serious layer of grime, but I got it shining pretty quickly. Cleaning nasty grime off of old treasures is one of the most fun things in the world to me. No joke. Pathetic maybe, but true.
The best part? This little guy was $2. Two dollars!! I still can’t believe it. I’m telling you, this was probably the greatest sale I’ve ever been to.


After bringing it home, this scale sat in a planter on our kitchen floor for a good while. We didn’t have a table that was big enough to hold it but small enough not to be in the way. Also, since the scale is purely for fun and not at all for function, I didn’t want to spend tons of money trying to make accommodations for it. So, last weekend, while Zach was helping some friends move, I was super excited to find this old medical cart in a yard sale. With a tag on it for 50 cents. I know. Same lunging/babbling scenario as before.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really love using industrial pieces for decorating. They’re not too frivolous looking, and they usually have an interesting story behind them. While my new old scale may serve no real purpose in our kitchen, it has brought me more than $2.50 worth of “hey I really like that” moments, so I figure it’s worth it.

this little light of mine

A while ago, I found this little candle holder for a dollar at a yard sale.

It had definitely seen better days. The votives were crusty and the paint was dingy. Pretty much a sad sight overall. To clean things up a bit, I first popped the glass pieces in the freezer to free up the votives (picture taken after I cleaned up the votives). After throwing them away, I ran the glass through the dishwasher. Then, I armed myself with black spraypaint and headed to the yard. To get all sides of the hanging pieces, I cut a wire hanger apart, slipped the pices on, then taped it shut. Easy peasy.

(What’s that? You’re wondering whose fence those gigantic, jungle-like weeds are loacted outside of? I have no idea. But, I’m sure that whoever they are, they would like for you to know that the crazy weeds are taken care of…even though the ginormous pile of mulch taking up residence in the driveway is not.)

I doused everything with a couple of coats of spraypaint and left them in the sun to dry.  To finish everything up, I zipped over to Target and picked up a few votives. They are the Jasmine Bouquet scent, and I’m kind of in love with them. 1) they’re white. White candles are just easy and pretty and great. 2) They smell fantastic. Intoxicating, really. Plus, I think they’re the generic brand, so they didn’t break the bank. Here’s the finished product in all of its sparkly glory. Just in time to add a little twinkle to our holidays!

frostbite prevention is my love language

I am a total, complete, gigantic wimp when it comes to cold. I have a circulation issue that makes my fingers and toes turn sheet white and has also been proven to cause large amounts of whining when the temperature drops below 60. I’m also married to a man who would like to live in Alaska partly because of the weather. Thankfully, he’s sympathetic to my pitiful state and, since our heat downstairs is out of commission,ran to Wal-Mart the other night and bought me this.

I am totally dorkily excited about it. As in, I would take this over chocolate and roses any day. We decided on this model after reading these reviews. As far as the design aspect, I’m pretty pleased. I don’t know if there’s such as thing as a cute space heater, but this one is pretty unobtrusive. I especially like that it’s slender, so it can be easily tucked away when we’re not using it. It also comes with a remote control, you know, in case I’m too much of a wimp to get out of the covers to turn it up or off. Plus, it heats up the room pretty speedily. We’re both super curious to see how it impacts our winter energy bill, but the jury’s still out. For now, bring on  the snow days!

real simple. for real.

If you haven’t already guessed from the pictures of the date night surprises that my husband occasionally brings me, I am a total sucker for Real Simple magazine. It has pretty pictures and fun ideas, and those happen to be two of my favorite things in the world. Although I love it, one thing that has always struck me as slightly ironic is the fact that several of the ideas in the magazine are not really simple at all. In fact, they’re downright budget-busting. While I may love to drool over their “affordable” decorating options at $2000 for a chair, it’s just not something I see happening where my wallet is concerned. So, after scoring a stack of old issues for free at a yard sale a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find something that was not only a simple idea, but could simplify my life as well.
I am one of those people. The kind that saves plastic bags because one time in elementary school I learned that it takes something like a billion years for a plastic bag to decompose and that’s just too much guilt to take. Sometimes I recycle them at the store or even bring my own bags, but this is more indicative of how I roll.

So, despite my efforts, we usually end up with a mountain of grocery bags stuffed into one larger bag consuming the entire floor of our pantry. For an organizational freak like me, this is somewhat unnerving.

Thanks to the magazine’s suggestion and a bunch of snotty-nosed 7th graders (flu season is upon us), I now have this:

Is that a collective sigh of relief I hear? Control at last! Please disregard the comictastic tissue box. Don’t you remember the days when picking out which cute tissue box you were going to bring in was one of the highlights of school supply shopping? Anyone?
And, just for fun:

via Amazon

via Amazon


PS- That paper grocery bag of bags is not entirely gone. The plastic bags have been wrangled, but when I forget my cloth bags I usually try to get paper. I put one under our sink for recycling, and, if we don’t use enough, the paper bags can go in the recycling bin themselves.

PPS- Check out my amazing 7th graders here. Then watch this adorable video, and listen for the rapping at the end. Yes, I hang out with 12 year-olds who aren’t afraid to do a rap they made up in the middle of a college campus AND for the newspaper. Adorable.

they’re home!

Friday night our nephews, Moses and Zane, finally came home from the hospital in Utah where they spent the first two months of their lives. Zach and I had a great time in Boone celebrating with his family.We have absolutely decided that having twin babies in the family is pretty useful- more sweetness to go around! I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Why all this chatting when we could be looking at cute baby pictures?” Your wish is my command!

(Moses is in the Braves onsie,  Zane is in the brown/white stripes)



Needless to say, we LOVE them. They are such sweet boys and we can’t wait to watch them grow! Please continue to pray for Robby, Emily, and both boys. Zane still has an ostemy and IV, which should be removed after another surgery in a few weeks. We are having so excited about the growing Angle family and are counting the days until we get to snuggle with these little boogers again!