guest posting at kara paslay designs

Happy Monday! Have you recovered from your sugar coma yet? We’re getting there. Long driveways= very few trick-or-treaters. That, coupled with the fact that I love Swedish Fish put me in quite the dangerous situation last night.

I’m so excited to be doing my first ever guest post over here today!  If you haven’t gotten the chance to see Kara’s work, you’re in for a treat! She and her husband have such an eye for style, and do a great job of coming up with completely unique ideas and fresh spaces. Their awesome design sense has allowed them to come up with rooms like this:

kara's dining room

Read more about her dining room (and fun details like the light fixture, eye chart, and fireplace) here. What’s even better is that Kara uses the talents God has given her to glorify Him by creating beautiful spaces for people that might not otherwise have the means to create them for themselves. Read more about that here.

clean slate living room designed by kara

Just a warning: once you stop by Kara’s, you may be over there a while. There’s so much to take in! Have fun!


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