this little light of mine

A while ago, I found this little candle holder for a dollar at a yard sale.

It had definitely seen better days. The votives were crusty and the paint was dingy. Pretty much a sad sight overall. To clean things up a bit, I first popped the glass pieces in the freezer to free up the votives (picture taken after I cleaned up the votives). After throwing them away, I ran the glass through the dishwasher. Then, I armed myself with black spraypaint and headed to the yard. To get all sides of the hanging pieces, I cut a wire hanger apart, slipped the pices on, then taped it shut. Easy peasy.

(What’s that? You’re wondering whose fence those gigantic, jungle-like weeds are loacted outside of? I have no idea. But, I’m sure that whoever they are, they would like for you to know that the crazy weeds are taken care of…even though the ginormous pile of mulch taking up residence in the driveway is not.)

I doused everything with a couple of coats of spraypaint and left them in the sun to dry.  To finish everything up, I zipped over to Target and picked up a few votives. They are the Jasmine Bouquet scent, and I’m kind of in love with them. 1) they’re white. White candles are just easy and pretty and great. 2) They smell fantastic. Intoxicating, really. Plus, I think they’re the generic brand, so they didn’t break the bank. Here’s the finished product in all of its sparkly glory. Just in time to add a little twinkle to our holidays!


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