today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘t’

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We are officially out for Thanksgiving break, and I am so thankful. I love the kids and I’m grateful for my job, but the crud that has been creeping around school has totally caught up with me. About half an hour after getting home today I was down for the count.

I am not at all one of those people that has rules about when Christmas music is allowed. Usually by this time, I’ve played  through most of my Christmas cds multiple times. It’s just kind of irresistible. Since we don’t have a way of playing my ipod in the new car (I had a tape deck hookup thing for the old car), I’ve been forced to wait this year and I’m not sure I can take it any longer. Earlier I had this and this  on repeat on the computer. Please excuse the cheezy videos, but I hope you like the songs. Two of my all-time favorites. Yes, I know they’re not traditional, but they give me chills.

My sister-in-law has this in the boys’ room and I think it’s adorable. I love that Etsy is such a great resource for unique, meaningful art.

Friday night Zach and I got to chaperone a dance. Yes, got to. 1) It was at the RBC Center (very kindly donated) and cooler than some proms. 2) If you’ve never seen 6th grade boys attempt the macarena you’re missing out on some hilarity.

Zach and I got cable this summer (mainly for the World Cup), but recently cancelled it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting to watch shows like American Pickers and Sarah’s House, but we just didn’t feel like we got our money’s worth (especially now that we’re back in school). We did sign up for Netflix, which we’re having a lot of fun with. I’m excited to catch up on 30 Rock. In my opinion, it’s just as funny as the Office. Proof:

Have you had these? They are part of the reason I’m thrilled this season is here. We may or may not have eaten an entire box and a half. The cocolate covered ones are even better, but they were out of stock.

Ok, pictures and maybe some decorating stuff coming tomorrow. When I am actually home to see the sun for a substantial amount of time.


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