secondhand finds: very merry

Ok, so I am fully prepared for this post to make some of you cringe. So, let me just get it out there. We give yard sale finds for Christmas. And we get them. Happily. Don’t worry, we also buy things online and in stores, but we’ve found some great things that our family members have loved for a fraction of the cost.

Thankfully, we both come from families that don’t care where their gifts come from. I realize that not everyone will agree, but this kind of thinking just makes sense to me. After all, if I buy someone one fun thing for 50 cents, I have that much more left over to buy them other fun things! Let me also say that Zach comes from a family of absolute pros when it comes to deal hunting. They have found such wonderful gifts that we have loved- some which they wouldn’t have been able to get us had they paid retail. So, there’s my case. Take it or leave it. Now, onto some of this year’s finds:

Zach’s mom is a professional photographer and has been looking for a scale to use as a prop with babies. Zach and I picked this guy up for $3. I. know. It was covered in a pretty hefty layer of grime, but I only had to look at it for .2 seconds before grabbing Zach and saying, “W’e’re buying that for your mom.” It came from a old grocery store in Raleigh, but now it makes a pretty great place for infant portraits. She gave it a test run last week with her grandchildren, and I was able to sneak this shot from the corner. Sweet Canaan:

To help Zach’s mom display more of her beautiful photos, we were also able to get her this brand new digital frame for $7. She was so excited about it!

She had asked us for a copy of this book (which we have and love), and thankfully we found one in perfect condition for 50 cents!

Have I mentioned that I have adorable twin nephews that live in the mountains? Their dad is a big Florida fan, but they’ll have an aunt and two uncles that are NC State alum. I think these ($2.50 each) should be a wardrobe staple next winter.

 We also got the boys a great Crate and Barrel toy bench for $10, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Zach’s sister loves funky accessories, so we were excited to find this chunky United Colors of Benetton scarf for 50 cents.

This next one wasn’t such a steal (it was probably worth the 25 cents we paid for it), but I was excited to find it. My dad has a rocking horse collection (random, I know) and has several ornaments from a series put out by Hallmark. I was excited to be able to add to his collection!

We have a box in our closet that we add gifts to as we find them. We love the ongoing treasure hunt of finding things that people will enjoy! Now it’s time to start gearing up for next Christmas!


making the first day back to school a little less painful

Not that I’m complaining. Two weeks with no work (with my husband, no less) is pretty amazing. Nevertheless, I can’t say I’m excited about next Monday. Thankfully we’ll have some free spicy chicken biscuits to ease the pain. Chick Fila, I love you. Get yours here.

the weary world rejoices

Merry Christmas from the Angle family!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Blowing Rock with Zach’s family. Just to give you a glimpse of life around here over the past week, an alternate title for this post could be Christmas 2010: Velcome to Babyland (Father of the Bride Part II, anyone?)

With three little munchkins taking up residence in the living room, we have done our share of rocking, feeding, and generally oohing and aaahing over the adorableness of my nephews and niece.

Along with playing with babies, we’ve also done some of this:

And a little of this:

While watching this:


I took this picture after we finished opening presents yesterday. It’s been snowing pretty much nonstop since. We had planned on returning to Raleigh today for Christmas part II with my dad, but we’re snowed in for now. For the time being, we’re watching football (Zach is in the playoffs for his Fantasy league), playing games, and enjoying the winter wonderland. Have fun playing in the snow!

not quite picasso…but close

As frequent secondhand shoppers, Zach and I are always on the lookout for items like the ones you hear stories about. You know the ones. Like where a lady paid 50 cents for a painting at a yard sale and then went home and found out it had a Picasso hidden behind it. The stuff yard sale legends are made of.

The funny thing is, we bought one such thing…without even knowing it! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite legendary, but we were pretty excited about it.

This summer, Zach found a unique wooden chair for $2. I thought it kind of looked like something out of the Jetsons, but for two bucks, I wasn’t willing to protest its slight ugliness.


After having it around the house for a while and not finding a good spot, we decided to put it in the yard sale, hoping to get $5. No dice.

So, we brought it back inside and decided to list it on Craigslist for $15 (yes, more. that’s how Craigslist works). Immediately, we had a guy with a vintage furniture website attached to his e-mail handle e-mail us and ask to take a look. When he got to our house, he was disappointed to tell us that he didn’t think it was the type of chair he had suspected it to be, but if we listed it as a “Herman Miller Eames style” chair, we could probably get $50. Not too shabby for a $2 find. So, back on Craigslist it went.

A while later, Zach got a call from a man in Ohio who was interested in the chair. After asking Zach several questions and having him inspect the chair, he determined that it was in fact an early version of a Miller Eames chair. He told Zach that just because he wouldn’t want to rip him off, he would be willing to pay him $100 and drive down from Ohio to get it. The only problem was that it didn’t match the set he had been collecting since he was 16. So, he told us to put it on Ebay. (We were so thankful for the help of strangers!)

After a week on Ebay, it sold for $170, plus shipping, which we were pretty happy with considering it wasn’t in the best of condition. Not a bad return on investment!

ice, ice baby

This past week we had quite a bit of this:

So we enjoyed our first snow day (and recuperated from colds) by enjoying this:

And this:

And some of this:


And also this:

Is there any better way to spend an icy day?

Now we’re in one of our favorite mountain towns enjoying time with some of our favorite babies and following through on some fun Christmas traditions. Hope you enjoy a cozy, fun week with family as we celebrate the Savior’s birth!

decking the (imaginary) halls

Even though we’re pretty much done decking the halls around the Angle house, I’ve run across a few items recently that I sure am a fan of!

First up, this nutcracker from West Elm. Going to see the ballet is an annual tradition for me and my dad, and I love this fresh, modern take on something that can sometimes look a little creepy.

While we’re at it, let’s throw in a couple of these, shall we?

We use cloth napkins a lot, and I’m thinking these would be perfect for Christmastime.

You know how some women have a shoe fetish? I love a good pair of cute shoes, but that doesn’t compare for my weakness for a fun throw. I’m pretty positive that it has something to do with the fact that I’m cold all. the. time.

These need to come live with me. So simple and pretty, and such a neat take on the nativity scene.

I’ve been keeping an eye our for bottle brush trees during our yard sale/ Goodwill expeditions. In the meantime, I think this set from White Flower Farmhouse could do the trick.

While it isn’t likely that any of these will be making their way into our house before the big day is here, I have been known to hit up an after-Christmas sale or two, so who knows? Maybe they’ll make an appearance for Christmas 2011!

and for my next trick may i present…

Balls of yarn. In a vase. Getting technical over here.
Although it might be kind of goofy in its simplicity, it’s no secret that I love using utilitarian objects as decoration. I like how these bring a little bit of cozy texture to our living room, and I really like how they were free.

We’re having fun making things feel festive here, but we also can’t wait to do a little traveling and get our hands on these three cuties: