welcome to the world, canaan elizabeth!

It’s official! We have a niece! Canaan Elizabeth was born at 1:47 this afternoon. Zach and I couldn’t wait to meet her, so we hopped in the car right after school for a short trip to Greensboro. Canaan is beautiful and mom (Zach’s sister, Ashley) and dad (Danny) are doing well. We also love that Cannan was born on the 2nd, because her cousins, Moses and Zane, were also born on the 2nd (90210, to be exact). Makes birthdays easier to remember! We’re so excited about the latest addition to the Angle family! We can’t wait until Christmas to see all three of the babies together!

(I know this one with Zach’s a little fuzzy, but I love his expression. He loves babies- especially his niece!)


**Just to clarify some confusion from an earlier post, this part of the Angle family doesn’t have a reason to be shopping for baby monitors- they were just a random item that came up on Woot. If we do have news, I promise to announce it in a much more definite way. :)


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