things to be thankful for

On Saturday, we get to enjoy round 2 of delicious food when we celebrated Friends Thanksgiving. We had a great time catching up with some people we love, enjoying all kinds of yumminess, and planning a trip to take together. We are so blessed by such incredible friendships!

I wanted to make things look Thanksgivingish, but, with Christmas on the way, I didn’t want to spend any money. I dressed up the table by layering two of my grandma’s tablecloths, then lining the center with pinecones, nuts, and some other natural elements. I also lit two of my favorite smelling candles ever (Hallmark’s Wedding Day- so sad it’s discontinued!), and added our winter dishes.

I made my Aunt Leslie’s vegetable casserole (a family favorite).

Ashley (aka the Queen of Desserts) made  unbelievable Amish friendship bread.

We all made lists of suggestions for what we should do on our trip, and then voted. (Zoey gave Zach a little help.)

Suggestions included Disneyworld, the Outer Banks, Boone, and….South of the Border. So I add to my list of thankfulness: girl veto power.

To top things off, we got to enjoy an extra festive night with the first snow of the season! Free, beautiful decorating!

We had such a fun night (even though we missed a few wonderful people who couldn’t be there), and we’re excited to make this an annual tradition!


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