decking the (imaginary) halls

Even though we’re pretty much done decking the halls around the Angle house, I’ve run across a few items recently that I sure am a fan of!

First up, this nutcracker from West Elm. Going to see the ballet is an annual tradition for me and my dad, and I love this fresh, modern take on something that can sometimes look a little creepy.

While we’re at it, let’s throw in a couple of these, shall we?

We use cloth napkins a lot, and I’m thinking these would be perfect for Christmastime.

You know how some women have a shoe fetish? I love a good pair of cute shoes, but that doesn’t compare for my weakness for a fun throw. I’m pretty positive that it has something to do with the fact that I’m cold all. the. time.

These need to come live with me. So simple and pretty, and such a neat take on the nativity scene.

I’ve been keeping an eye our for bottle brush trees during our yard sale/ Goodwill expeditions. In the meantime, I think this set from White Flower Farmhouse could do the trick.

While it isn’t likely that any of these will be making their way into our house before the big day is here, I have been known to hit up an after-Christmas sale or two, so who knows? Maybe they’ll make an appearance for Christmas 2011!


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