the weary world rejoices

Merry Christmas from the Angle family!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Blowing Rock with Zach’s family. Just to give you a glimpse of life around here over the past week, an alternate title for this post could be Christmas 2010: Velcome to Babyland (Father of the Bride Part II, anyone?)

With three little munchkins taking up residence in the living room, we have done our share of rocking, feeding, and generally oohing and aaahing over the adorableness of my nephews and niece.

Along with playing with babies, we’ve also done some of this:

And a little of this:

While watching this:


I took this picture after we finished opening presents yesterday. It’s been snowing pretty much nonstop since. We had planned on returning to Raleigh today for Christmas part II with my dad, but we’re snowed in for now. For the time being, we’re watching football (Zach is in the playoffs for his Fantasy league), playing games, and enjoying the winter wonderland. Have fun playing in the snow!


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