House Tour: Master Bedroom

To start off a new year of blogging (even though it may be a day late…I was busy trying to wrap my head around a new year of school), I thought I’d introduce you to a space that hasn’t been featured yet.
Admittedly, our master bedroom is one of my favorite parts of our house. Our former master bedroom was adequate, but the two feet of walking space around the bed (and the fact that Zach had to use the closet in the guest room) wasn’t exactly what I pictured in my dream home.
Here’s what we had to work with:

Ugly stains on the walls and precarious-looking ceiling fan aside, we were pretty pumped about the room we would have to breathe and relax in our master suite.
After getting to work, here’s what it looks like now:

Source List:
wall paint: equal parts Knitting Needles (Behr) and Dover Gray (Valspar)
trim paint: Westhighland White (Sherwin Williams) colormatched in Valspar
bed and dressers: Craigslist
nightstands: Craigslist (painted with Westhighland White by my dad)
chair: auction
duvet cover: Pottery Barn tuxedo bedding (via Ebay)
gray coverlet and shams: Target
white cable knit pillows: Nate Berkus for Linens N’ Things
A and Z: Barnes and Noble
milkglass vase: yard sale
frames on nightstands: Wal-Mart
To be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure why I chose gray as one of the central colors of the room, other than the fact that I just like it. I chose the duvet cover because, as I’ve mentioned before, bleachable options really appeal to my clean-freak (sometimes germaphobic) tendencies. So far, I’m really happy with the decision. I love being able to throw it in the wash every so often and have it come out sparkly white.

This wall color was named “Butchy Gray” by my husband in honor of….me. Yes, that’s right. The sweet nickname that my dad has called me since childhood is Butchy. Not exactly what every little girl dreams of being called, but it’s been a part of my life for so long that it makes me happy to have a custom color with such a nostalgic name attached.
Things that Were on Our To-Do List:
Scraping popcorn ceilings
Having the ceilings and trim painted
Painting the walls
Having the carpet replaced
Switching out door hardware
Reupholstering the chair in the corner
Things that are Still on our To-Do List:
I’m happy to report that we don’t have any significant projects on the horizon for this room. As the place that we come to to collapse after the end of a crazy day, this room was at the top of our priority list. By that I mean that this room was painted and set up while the rest of the house was…chaos. For major makeover projects, I definitely recommend tackling the bedroom first. We were so thankful to have a place to get away from paint cans and wallpaper scraps! The windows could certainly benefit from some curtains to soften that side of the room, but they’re not essential. We recently found a black side table at a yard sale for $3, which is the perfect place to rest a mug of hot chocolate while curled up in the chair. There will always be little things that we might tweak, but for now we’re enjoying our roomy retreat!

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