aww thanks, wake county- you shouldn’t have

Yesterday I officially hit the big 2-6 and enjoyed a fantastic day starting with the powers that be announcing that school would be closing 2.5 hours early, sending me home at…wait for it…12:30. Punch my fist. (side note: when Zach used to say that in college, I always thought it was pump my fist. Then I tried to say it annnnd…well let’s just say if you know my husband, you know I didn’t get away with it without some serious ridicule.) But seriously. Is there much better than getting to go to school, getting sweet gifts from students and coworkers (flowers, hot chocolate, black licorice, and gift cards to two of my favorite stores), then getting to leave and not having to make up the day? Wake County sure is thoughtful that way.

Right after carpool, we quickly headed a few blocks away to meet my dad for lunch at the Pit, a local barbecue restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It has been featured in several places including Southern Living and the Food Network, so we were anxious to give it a whirl. The verdict: unbelievable. Totally worthy of a birthday lunch. I got a Pulled Pork plate so I could put my own sauce on (I’m a tomato-based girl, but they have both tomato and vinegar-based sauces on the table, both which are scrumptious) with fries, potato salad, and sweet tea. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The prices were definitely reasonable (I hear it’s much better to go for lunch than dinner), and the upscale barbecue decor was kind of perfect. Loved it.

photo credit: NY Times

 After lunch, we had plans to head to a local mall to walk around and later eat dinner, but we ended up postponing due to lots of media hype about the impending ice doom. Thankfully, I was so full from lunch that I was happy to save my birthday dinner for later, and we were able to spend the night vegging out and enjoying this:

Goodberry’s vanilla Oreo concrete cake. Oh. Yum.

My husband totally knocked it out of the park on the presents this year. For Christmas/my birthday, he got me season tickets to Broadway Series South at the DPAC. Because of that, I wasn’t really expecting much. Little did I know:

Scarf compliments of Mr. Stylish. Also, despite the fact that I hadn’t mentioned them since a little while after this post, he also managed to get me a few crafty books I had my eye on.

His secret? I had been looking at these a few months ago on Amazon, and I guessed they stayed up in my cart. When he saw them, he sneakily hit the order button and has been hiding them in the closet ever since. He’s good, I tell you.

To make things even better, Wake County decided to outdo themselves and cancelled school for the day. So we started the morning off with waffles, and have been hanging out around the house ever since. 26 is looking pretty good.

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