this weekend i watched my husband fly a helicopter

Please meet my husband. Aka the hardest person to buy for on the planet. Something I love about him is that he isn’t really into getting new stuff and is really into saving money, but sheesh does it make it hard to get him a present he’s genuinely excited about. Probably why I got him a puppy for our first Christmas together. It was an act of desperation.

This year I was still pretty much at a loss until the wonderful Groupon came to my rescue. 40% off a helicopter flight lesson? The very thing my husband has talked about wanting to do Yes, please!

Needless to say, he was super excited. So, on Saturday, we traveled to Louisburg for a flight lesson and 30-minute flight. I sat through the lesson with Zach and all I kept thinking was 1) I’m so glad it’s not me that’s supposed to be understanding all this and 2) this instructor will be in the air with him and he wouldn’t let himself die…would he? Seriously…I am not a flight person.

Of course, the instructor did do most of the flying (those things are crazy complicated!), but Zach was able to control a few things and practice a few manuevers, and look pretty cute doing it.

They even flew in crazy close so I could take pictures and wave like a goofball.

When Zach saw this next picture he laughed really hard and said, “Look at your face!” Yes, I know. I always dreamt of my husband saying that to me. In my defense, it was FREEZING.

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