hello, rainbow

A few weeks ago when Zach was out of town, I decided to brave the world of solo yard sale shopping. Even though I didn’t have tons of success, I was able to get my hands on something that I had been wanting to buy for a while (and had been willing to pay full price for- love it when that happens!).
You may remember seeing from my birthday pictures that my fantastic husband bought me these:

My immediate thoughts after opening this gift were: 1) How did he know I wanted this? 2) Who cares? Hooray!! 3) Oh man, I need to get some embroidery floss.
Much to my delight, during my Saturday morning expedition, I found these boxes full of the most beautiful rainbow of thread I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. They were marked at $5 apiece, which seemed pretty reasonable, but I couldn’t understand why the big plastic drawer full of boxes was marked the same price as some of the individual boxes, so I asked the man working the sale. He told me that he thought the whole group should have been marked $6…I still have no idea how he came to that conclusion based on the price tags, but I’m so glad he did! So I happily skipped away to the payment lady (who was not too thrilled about his decision making), and loaded them into my car. Now this bunch of happiness is waiting for me in the craft room:

I. can’t. wait.

Happy weekend!


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