Our Valentine’s Day was pretty amazing. Nothing over the top, just…wonderful.

I actually got part of my first present a few weeks ago, when Zach got me a Groupon (love it!) to Stitch, a local shop that sells handmade purses and other goodies. I had big plans to buy a clutch, but when we went on Monday, they were sold out of the style I had been wanting. Even though I was a little disappointed, it gave me more time to dream up some fun color combinations (I love that they do custom orders!) They’re supposed to give me a call once things are restocked, so I’ll be sure to share pictures once I get it.

Continuing with the local gift trend, I got Zach some chocolate bars from Esaczu, which are produced in Raleigh. Our favorite is the Beaufort Bar (dark chocolate and sea salt). Crazy good. I also got him Braveheart on blu-ray, but I guess that’s not really local. Even though Zach think’s he’s Scottish, so maybe that counts for something.
After Stitch, we headed to the Fresh Market for one of my favorite ways to spend a date night- takeout from the deli. I got Honey Lemon Bowtie Pasta (yum) and Loaded Baked Potato Salad (good, not great). Zach got sushi, crab dip, and some fancy bread. I think he was trying to ensure that I wouldn’t steal any of his food. I’m not a seafood fan.

As we were walking out of Fresh Market, enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather, smelling nearby Char-Grill on the breeze, Zach turned to me and said, “Hey, wanna get Five Guys?” Whaaa? TWO meals?
Of course I went into a list of why that was crazy talk and we couldn’t save our fancy shmancy Fresh Market for the day after Valentine’s Day, but he convinced me. Not that it takes a lot of effort when french fries are involved.

Also, did I mention this is spirit week at school? Monday was fan day. Nothing says love like a little Wolfpack red.
We went home, put the Fresh Market stuff in the fridge, and sat on the porch enjoying the greasy goodness that is Five Guys.
And then we followed it up by watching the Bachelor. Yep. I know I’m being judged right now. But it is so entertaining! Seriously. Like yelling at the TV entertainment. Very romantic.


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