We’ve had some serious weather yo-yoing over the past couple of weeks. One day I’m breaking out the skirts, the next I’m afraid to step three feet away from the space heater.

Even though the weather is giving us some wonderful hints of spring, the house is still in the winterized state. I’ve opted for natural elements that are a little bit “frosted” to celebrate the season. (I use the term celebrate loosely. In reality, I’m counting down the days until spring.)

Wax pinecones in the entry. My dad and I made these when I was 11 or so, and I’m glad that I was able to steal them spruce up the hoosier cabinet.

Winter dishes and sparkly placemats. I love that I can use these for several months, but I’m also looking forward to putting them away after next week- after being without my Emma dishes for so long, I’m starting to miss them! 

A snowy scene next to the TV. The nice thing about the gray/blue of the toolbox is that it fits right in with both winter and spring- “icy blue” or “robin’s egg”.

For now, we’re gearing up to enjoy a couple of days of what looks to be beautiful weather. Happy weekend!


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