got it covered

We had a rough (but also good, thanks to a big God a sweet friends) week last week, so we spent most of this weekend relaxing around the house. As part of our R&R, I decided on a little craft therapy.



















I made the first cover for my school planner early in the school year. I like how it adds some color and fun to an otherwise plain, black agenda. Plus, since I (thankfully) don’t have too many crazy apple things in my life, I decided to embrace the stereotype of my profession and make it a little “teachery” with this happy pink and red fabric.

 After seeing my planner, one of the teachers I work with asked for one of her own (totally flattering), so I whipped this up for her birthday:

This weekend I made another cover, this time just for a plain, spiral-bound notebook, for another teacher on our team who had requested one.

I always love opportunities to experiment with new fabric combinations, and crafting for other people helps keep my creations from taking over the house. Plus, in my opinion, a little craft happiness is one of the best ways to de-stress after a crazy week. Of course, I have a list of about a million other projects I can’t wait to try. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!