fighting fire with fire

I’m kind of ridiculous when it comes to smells. I seem to pick up on the tiniest scents, and I can get a little fanatical about my house (and myself) not smelling good.

Because of my weird smell radar, I always liked having a Wallflower or two plugged in around the house. You know, Bath and Body Works plug-ins. Apple, sweet pea, warm vanilla sugar, I loved them all. That was, of course, until my dad forwarded me one of those chain e-mails telling awful horror stories about people’s homes burning to the ground and all that was left was the plug-in. End of Wallflower loving stage.

My overly sensitive sense of smell, however, had not come to an end. Quite the conundrum. So, what was I to do? (yes, I know this isn’t rocket science)

Ta da! Scented candles! I’m not sure if lighting actual small fires all around our house is the most logical answer to my fear that a plug-in will burn it to the ground but, nevertheless, it’s the solution I reached. Partly because of my fear of Wallflowers, and partly because Zach’s mom always seems to have candles burning when we visit and their house smells amazing!

So, in an effort to help things smell homey and wonderful, here are some favorites that have been getting quite a bit of use around here.

What’s that? You thought me and B&BW had parted ways? Nope, Warm Vanilla Sugar is alive and kickin paired with Japanese Cherry Blossom. Fresh and cozy at the same time. The living room is the only place where we have more than one scent lit, but I like it. Sort of like cooking with candles.

A sweet friend recently included a smaller jar of this candle (from Target) in a basketful of goodies she brought over to make me smile. For the next few days I kept sniffing it and telling Zach how much I loved it. Because clearly he understands that it’s completely reasonable to get all excited over a candle. Not. When I saw it at Target, I was super excited, and bought the larger 3 wick jar for our kitchen. I love how it’s homey, but not overly sweet. Plus, the packing totally reminds me of Anthropologie (minus the $40 price tag)- simple, graphic, and pretty.

This next one’s kind of a fake-out. It’s a vanilla honey (sensing a pattern here?) candle from Wal-Mart that, as far as I can tell, has been discontinued. Womp womp. But, I will say that if they decide to bring it back or if it’s just my goofy local Wal-Mart that stopped selling it, I definitely recommend it both for the delicious scent and for the cute container. I’m just dreaming of uses for that little guy.

We have several of these candles- Target brand Jasmine Bouquet- scattered throughout the house. Seriously. Intoxicating. The perfect balance to all of the vanilla we apparently have everywhere.

So, there you have it. Our vanilla and flower filled, non-burning down house.


One thought on “fighting fire with fire

  1. Oh, Man! I use Wallflowers occasionally, too! I have heard that scents in the air are sometimes not the best things for our lungs, especially for my asthmatic husband, so I try to use soy candles, which I see yours is!! I can’t wait to pick one up next time I’m in Targe – and I’m a huge fan of vanilla, too! I also love lavendar/vanilla combo :).

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