revolution. all in a day’s work.

We interrupt your sometimes regular blogging for a post totally unrelated to decorating, craftiness, yard sales, or things of that nature. Nope, this post will be about a revolution.

On Monday morning, the 7th grade team sent this e-mail to parents:

The new seventh grade theme involves the movement of people and ideas and will center on people coming to America.  Where did they come from and why did they come? Because this will encompass the ideas that led to the American Revolution, we have been very interested in watching the revolutions unfolding in the Middle East. 

In an attempt to illustrate the difficulties that occur AFTER a revolution, we are “handing over power” to the seventh graders for the next two days during theme time.  In that time they are supposed to come up with an agreement on how they feel seventh grade should be run.  We, the teachers, will be observers and reporters and will be Tweeting as we watch.  It should be interesting, to say the least, since we are basically turning them loose to try to organize themselves.  They do have parameters – 180 days of school, 6 hours of instruction, teachers must be present, and they must stay here and within our budget.  Other than that, they are free to do what they wish. 

We have set up a Twitter link if you would like to follow the events as they occur:  7thgraderevolt.  The excitement should begin at about 1:45 this afternoon and continue until 2:50.  We will begin again at 1:30 tomorrow.

By that afternoon, we had two calls from the local newspaper asking if they could come watch.

The next day, our students made the front page of the “Triangle and Co.” section.

After that, the story apparently hit the AP wire, at which point we were flooded with calls from various media outlets.

One of the teachers on our team was interviewed by CBS RadioNews, and the story was featured on stations nationwide.

We also got a call from a Fox News reporter, telling us that her boss in New York had asked her to contact us and come by for a visit. (not sure if that’s going to pan out, but exciting nonetheless)

Last night, we received an e-mail from an award-winning young adult author telling us that our experiment has given her an idea for a new book and she would like for us to share some ideas.

Phew. It has been quite the week.

Funny thing is, this is just the introductory activity for our unit.

I realize that this isn’t really of the same genre that my typical posts are and not all of you will be interested, but if you are, you may want to check out the tweets (, search 7thgraderevolt). I think they’re hilariously entertaining.

Non-revolting posts soon to come!


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