secondhand finds: lucky 7

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I were out for a Saturday drive in the country. It started out as “let’s go yard sale shopping”, but it quickly became “no one has yard sales in February so let’s just enjoy the scenery”.
I was ready to head home in the name of saving gas, but my road trip loving husband was enjoying exploring new territories. Down a very random back road, we came across a yard sale that looked pretty decent, so we decided to stop. I was thrilled to discover that, since this place was super random and not many people are out yard sale shopping in February, they still had tons of stuff left that they seemed pretty eager to get rid of.
So, I employed one of our favorite yard sale strategies and made a big pile.
I called the lady in charge over and asked her how much she wanted. She said nine, I said seven (because I have a very hard time not bargaining), it was a done deal.
Now, let’s review the loot:
 Target box (perfect for storing remotes and other ugly living room necessities)

Crate and Barrel box (not in perfect condition, but it’s a step towards sprucing up my $2 side table in the master bedroom)

Retro chair. It’s currently in our entryway while I decide whether to use it in our house or sell it on Craigslist, but I still think it’s crazy that our $7 total included a chair! The white and silver color scheme definitely works, but I’m playing around with it while I decide if the chrome is too modern for our house.

Not pictured: brand new Pier One rug (don’t get too excited- it’s more of a doormat size-wise) and super comfy and cute NC State long-sleeved t-shirt (ready for football season!)

All in all, it was a pretty successful morning. We’re looking forward to more Saturday morning adventures in the beautiful spring weather!


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