today i sold my birthday present. (and other randomness)

So it looks like what you’re getting today is going to be a whole lotta random. Here goes:

1) I apologize for the lack of consistent posting around these parts. February was a little rough, and while March is off to a great start, it’s also off to a busy start. Getting home and taking pictures for you guys while the sun is still up has been quite the challenge! In fact, I actually started this post yesterday (yep, sold my b-day present yesterday) but never got time to finish it. Thankfully (and not just for blogging purposes) the days are getting longer and I’ll be able to get some pictures on here soon.

2) Yep, I sold my birthday present. For the big 2-6, by big gift from my wonderful husband was a fabric steamer. First, let me say that I totally believe him when he says that I talked about wanting one. Buuut, I think it was more of a ,”Hey, for this one moment in time that could be handy” kind of thing. I mean, I have an iron. So, I listed that little guy (the steamer, not Zach) on Craigslist and, thanks to the amazing deal-getting skillz of my husband, managed to get about 10 cents more than he paid for it. So now I have fun birthday money to play with and, in my opinion, birthday money is the most fun kind. No rationality needed.

3) Things I am contemplating for said birthday money:

Lululemon pants. Apparently, these things are the greatest development in workout attire since legwarmers. But, even though I have a no holds barred theory on the birthday money, I’m still skeptical about the pricetag. I would need some convincing to consider them worth the investment.

Can’t get enough Etsy prints. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m thinking now could be the perfect time to add it to our house. Hello, spring!

Hunter wellies (in hunter green, of course). Ok, so I actually tried a pair of these on a couple of weeks ago and while they were super cute, I felt goofy even wearing them in the store (I’m not much for trend-setting, attention grabbing accessories), so there’s no way I could pay retail. In reality, I mostly like them for the way they look in an entryway. Possibly this says something about my priorities.

Photo via Boston Home

Looking back at this list, I am clearly having issues with decision making.

4) I am SO looking forward to watching last night’s episode of Survivor. We’re usually busy on Wednesdays, but I love that we can hook the computer up to the tv and catch up. What’s that, you say? Didn’t that show go off the air like eight years ago? Nope, I’m happy to report that it’s alive and kickin and Boston Rob is BACK! I fully blame the Angle family for my Survivor addiction, but I’m so glad my husband got me hooked on it. So entertaining. And you know that hypothetical question where people ask you what celebrities you would like to hang out with? My list may or may not include Boston Rob.

Well, that about fulfills my Thursday morning random quota. Thanks for letting me do a little brain dumping!


3 thoughts on “today i sold my birthday present. (and other randomness)

  1. Lululemon pants? A.Mazing. I have 2 pairs of Groove pants. I lounge around the house in them in addition to using them for their intended purpose. So comfy. So flattering. Reversible! I have worn them for 3 years, they hold up wonderfully, don’t get shorter when you wash them, and don’t fade. Worth every penny.

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! I definitely prefer hearing what actual people think about them rather than reading ads online. There’s a place that sells them near where I work, so I might swing by and try some on tomorrow.

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