king for a day

Recently, after receiving a $15 credit to One Kings Lane, I got to make my first purchase! Several of the items that they sell are of the luxury/designer nature (read: super expensive), so I had been holding off until I found something more within my price range. I purchased this white tray for around $4, which isn’t too bad if you ask me. I love the clean contemporary lines of the tray and the fact that it brings a modern aesthetic to our fairly traditional living room. The great thing about things like trays is that they’re so versatile.

While we’re currently using it to random junk and decorative items in the living room, it can also serve double-duty as a snack tray. Plus, it was made by this company:

 Clearly I’m a fan of the name. I also love the attention to detail that they put into the packaging- they even included a cute notebook! I really appreciate companies that go the extra mile to add special touches for their customers.

Now, the great news (for you, not for me)! OKL is currently offering a Groupon for $30 for a $60 credit to the site. The bummer for me is that it’s open to first-timers only. To see the deal, click here, and to sign up for the daily excitement that is Groupon, click here. Happy shopping!


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