brighten a rainy wednesday with fun deals

Ok, so I promise to stop bombarding you with crazy online deals, but these two were just two good to keep under wraps:

 PlumDistrict, the website I mentioned yesterday has a deal going on today for $25 for $50 worth of merchandise at Sugar and Spice Décor. Even though Sugar and Spice is mainly a website for adorable kids’ items, they are also a representative for Dash and Albert rugs. If you have seen our entryway, you know that I am a big fan of the Nimes Ticking runner, not to mention all of the other fun rugs the company has to offer (specifically, I’ve got my eye on the Blue Heron Stripe). The $50 credit is enough for a 2X3 rug (with $20 left over). It also would take a significant chunk out of the cost of a runner (it would end up being about $34 after the credit).

Deal #2 is from everyone’s favorite: Groupon. With this deal, you get a $15 ebay credit for $7. As I said to Zach, it’s a good deal on a good deal! We’re big fans of ebay for house stuff, books, clothes, cars from Connecticut, you know, the usual.

 Ok, I promise to come back soon with actual stuff going on in our actual lives. In the meantime, enjoy the sales!


One thought on “brighten a rainy wednesday with fun deals

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