a spring in our steps

 Thanks to the wonderful world of Wal-Mart, I’ve replaced my photo-upoloader cord , and I can now do a little spring break recap.

First off, this pattern of events pretty much describes how we spent the first part of the week.

Crafty fun for me.

Bojangles appreciation lunch for the mechanic of the house for doing the oil change.

Springy nail polish. Ok, can I just say that this was the first time I’ve painted my fingernails since I really can’t remember (maybe high school? maybe before that?) and it’s really kind of hard! I’m embarrassed to admit that I made five different attempts and the end result wasn’t that great. I guess that’s why people pay to have it done for them. In either case, it was fun to look down at a little color for the four days before I chipped it off (probably why I used to not do it in the first place).

Throw in a little (ok a lot of) porch time and some Netflix and you pretty much have the first half of the week. Simple, and amazing.

On Wednesday, we traveled to Boone with Zach’s younger brother. Zoe rode in the back of the Avalanche. It may have been one of the best days of her life.

While there, we got to see two of the most adorable little boys in the world (way too briefly- I’m dying to get back up there) and our cutie pie niece. The girls hit up the outlets while Uncle Zach babysat, the boys played this crazy investment game that the kids got Zach’s dad for his birthday, and we all enjoyed lots of delicious food.

Sweet Baby Canaan:

On Thursday, we took Zoe to a nearby creek for some swimming. The current was decently strong, and it was pretty hilarious to watch our puppy paddling in place upstream. She had a blast, but totally wore herself out.

That night, we enjoyed a delicious “Easter dinner” (since we all had to go home before the big day) and a crazy family egg hunt. I tied Patrick for last place, but I blame it on the fact that I was barefoot. Totally ready for next year’s rematch.

Peanut butter chocolate “place cards” made by Zach’s mom:

We also did a little egg dyeing. Have you seen this little Q-tip egg painters? So much fun!

On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful worship service at church, followed by time on the porch soaking up the sunshine, an informal Easter dinner at our house, and time with friends later that night. We were so thankful for such a happy Easter but, most importantly, for the saving grace and risen Christ that we were able to celebrate!

All in all, it was a really really wonderful spring break, and we said multiple times how thankful we are that we have jobs that allow us to spend such fun time off together. Now, just five more weeks until summer!


crafting for a cause

So I have a few posts all ready to go, but my photo-uploader thingy appears to be shot. Hopefully, the situation will be remedied tonight before I leave for Bunco (yep, you read that right- that’s how we roll in the suburbs).

For now, I thought I’d pass along some cuteness from a fundraiser being sponsored by Indie NC to raise money for tornado victims. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were thankful to be spared, but so many lost property and loved ones. I love that crafty people are coming together to help out! Here are some of my favorites:

This print also comes in tomato red. I don’t know which color I like better, but I do know that I could find a spot for either one in our house.

I think I feel another summer project coming on…

Zach and I are both fans of Escazu chocolate, and I love that these are such a fun way to reuse the wrappers.

Simple and cute. Perfect for summer.

You can go here to see the rest of the crafty happiness. Have a happy Tuesday!

my favorite kind of to-do list

It’s finally here! Spring break, that is.

Since Easter falls so late this year, our spring break is crazily close to the end of the school year. Even though it’s messed with the usual school year flow, we’re so glad to be enjoying a week off with such beautiful weather! (well, beautiful weather as of Sunday, that is)

On Saturday night, the Raleigh area experienced an insane round of tornadoes that rivals anything I’ve ever been through. Yep, Zach and I watched a tornado from our front porch. Don’t worry- I wasn’t channeling my inner Helen Hunt- as soon as I saw that funnel cloud, I scurried to the hall closet and begged my husband to come inside. There were possibly tears involved. Thankfully, we were safe and there was no damage to the house. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the area. This was the scene at the end of the road our neighborhood is off of:

When we called the power company, the message we got said they hadn’t figured out why our electricity was out. Call me crazy, but I think it has something to do with the gigantic pine tree suspended from these power lines.

After driving past demolished mobile homes, drywall suspended from tress, and lots of emergency vehicles, we made it to downtown where we were able to spend some time with some friends whose house took quite a beating. Even though there was significant property damage, we are so thankful for the Lord’s protection through everything.

For now, we’ve been enjoying meals on the front porch, craft time, Ugly Betty on Netflix, and general spring break relaxation. I could get used to this.

In fact, in preparation for the more extended break that’s on the horizon, Zach and I have been putting together a little summer to-do list in hopes of maximizing our time.

I’ll spare you all of the details, but some of the things we want to “accomplish” this summer:

– Go to a rodeo

– Pick strawberries (then eat them)

– Play with babies (specifically, our sweet nephews and niece)

-Picnic at Womble or Bond Park

– Cable? (we don’t normally have it, but we got it last summer for the World Cup and enjoyed it as a summer treat)

– See an outdoor movie

– Paint the fence (or hire someone else to paint it)

– Get ferns for the porch

Yep. That’s the kind of to-do list I can get behind. June, here we come!

going once, going twice…

In the spirit of today’s post, this is for all of you that automatically filled in those dots with “sold to the lady in the second row” and so forth.

I would like to say that I think that song is pretty much impossible not to sing along to in the car. Zach’s not here for me to ask him, but I know from experience that he would agree.

Now that everyone’s in the auctiony mood, I’ll go ahead and share some of the things that we passed up on our Myrtle Beach adventure a few weeks ago:

First of all, this was the field outside of the auction house. As in, not inside where the main auction was. You better believe that I was ready to jump out of the car as we pulled up.

I’ve got a small collection of vintage globes going in our “little room”, and I was thinking about adding this to the pile. As in, thinking about it when I thought it would go for $3. That was until some crazy man came and bid it up to about $10. No thanks.

These barrister bookcases had me positively drooling. We weren’t around long enough to see how much they went for, but that didn’t stop me from designing entire rooms around them in my head. I mean, can you imagine a study filled with these guys? There is a chance that for a fleeting moment I considered renting a U-haul.

I am a total sucker for vintage linens. I love using them for sewing projects, and, since we try to use mostly cloth napkins and rags, it’s fun to throw some pretty ones into the stash. I threw a bid in on some of these guys, but just wasn’t willing to go as high as other people.

I have no use for this, but I think it’s super cute. I also think the fact that Zach pointed this out shows that my style is rubbing off on him.

Two words: craft. room. How perfect would this gigantor desk be for spreading out fabric or other projects? Plus, it was solid wood and really well made (one of my favorite things about buying secondhand).

Recognize this? They sold off the table by selling things in  small groups, which probably helped drive the prices down. I love that each piece is handmade and shows slight variations, and the colors are just so happy!

I had plans for pretty much all of these rugs. The green one would go in our crazy colorful craft room, one of the small ones would go in front of the kitchen sink (thankfully, that situation’s now covered), and the runner would go in the entryway of my imaginary second home.

We have no place for this odd little chair, but the beautiful detail on it was just too good not to share.

So, we may have only come away with some pottery, but half the fun is thinking about the possibilities!

big mistake. big. huge.

Two weekends ago my amazing husband took me on a fun little four-day excursion to Myrtle Beach. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly conducive to playing in the ocean, we had a great time enjoying the area and relaxing.

As part of his amazing trip planning, Zach purposely got a less expensive hotel (which still ended up being great) so I could have a little money to shop. Yes I know. A.ma.zing.

Saturday we ended up going to a crazy auction which reminded us a little bit of this adventure last summer. I got some super cute handmade pottery that just screams summer. Here’s a shot of the creamer and sugar dish, but there was also a plate, a couple of bowls, and a pie pan included in my lot. Fourth of July dessert? Bring it on.

Later that weekend, we hit up the outlets and I was super excited to discover that Banana Republic was having one of their amazing 40% clearance sales, with the best part being that they had TONS of stuff in my size. Crazy fun- vacation fun money, and cheap cute stuff? I was positively giddy. In fact, I may or may not have not a reenactment of this scene as we left the store:

secondhand finds: when pigs fly

Sometimes, we find really awesome things on our Saturday morning adventures. Things that are really useful, and beautiful, and great. Other times we find total junk.

But sometimes, we find junk that is not useful or beautiful, but is pretty great.

Oh yeah. Zach recently had the kids all fill out brackets for March Madness, and the winner is going home with this bad boy.

It’s ok, you can call him the coolest teacher ever if you want to.

[witty, creative post title]

Remember the other day when I blogged about the great deal going on for Dash and Albert rugs on PlumDistrict? Well, I was able to cash in on said deal, and I’m thrilled to report that I’m totally happy with my purchase. I ended up using a credit that I had to the site, so, since I had to pay for tax and shipping, I paid about $20 for two 2X3 rugs.

Maybe it’s just me, but the Blue Heron Stripe rug is perfect in our kitchen. We had been wanting something to cushion our feet a little when doing dishes, and I love how this rug ties in the brown from the countertops, the blue from the walls, and the navy from our accessories. Plus, I love how the darker color scheme will help hide inevitable kitchen messes.

The other rug is currently hanging out in our half bath, but since I’m still trying out a few places, I think I’ll save pictures for later. For now, I have some overdue hanging out on the couch to do. We took the kiddos on a four-day field trip last week, and I’m pretty wiped out. The trip was fantastic, and included three days in Philadelphia and one night in this place. Totally worth it, but also totally freezing. Thankful to be home and enjoying weather in the 80s!