big mistake. big. huge.

Two weekends ago my amazing husband took me on a fun little four-day excursion to Myrtle Beach. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly conducive to playing in the ocean, we had a great time enjoying the area and relaxing.

As part of his amazing trip planning, Zach purposely got a less expensive hotel (which still ended up being great) so I could have a little money to shop. Yes I know.

Saturday we ended up going to a crazy auction which reminded us a little bit of this adventure last summer. I got some super cute handmade pottery that just screams summer. Here’s a shot of the creamer and sugar dish, but there was also a plate, a couple of bowls, and a pie pan included in my lot. Fourth of July dessert? Bring it on.

Later that weekend, we hit up the outlets and I was super excited to discover that Banana Republic was having one of their amazing 40% clearance sales, with the best part being that they had TONS of stuff in my size. Crazy fun- vacation fun money, and cheap cute stuff? I was positively giddy. In fact, I may or may not have not a reenactment of this scene as we left the store:


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