going once, going twice…

In the spirit of today’s post, this is for all of you that automatically filled in those dots with “sold to the lady in the second row” and so forth.

I would like to say that I think that song is pretty much impossible not to sing along to in the car. Zach’s not here for me to ask him, but I know from experience that he would agree.

Now that everyone’s in the auctiony mood, I’ll go ahead and share some of the things that we passed up on our Myrtle Beach adventure a few weeks ago:

First of all, this was the field outside of the auction house. As in, not inside where the main auction was. You better believe that I was ready to jump out of the car as we pulled up.

I’ve got a small collection of vintage globes going in our “little room”, and I was thinking about adding this to the pile. As in, thinking about it when I thought it would go for $3. That was until some crazy man came and bid it up to about $10. No thanks.

These barrister bookcases had me positively drooling. We weren’t around long enough to see how much they went for, but that didn’t stop me from designing entire rooms around them in my head. I mean, can you imagine a study filled with these guys? There is a chance that for a fleeting moment I considered renting a U-haul.

I am a total sucker for vintage linens. I love using them for sewing projects, and, since we try to use mostly cloth napkins and rags, it’s fun to throw some pretty ones into the stash. I threw a bid in on some of these guys, but just wasn’t willing to go as high as other people.

I have no use for this, but I think it’s super cute. I also think the fact that Zach pointed this out shows that my style is rubbing off on him.

Two words: craft. room. How perfect would this gigantor desk be for spreading out fabric or other projects? Plus, it was solid wood and really well made (one of my favorite things about buying secondhand).

Recognize this? They sold off the table by selling things in  small groups, which probably helped drive the prices down. I love that each piece is handmade and shows slight variations, and the colors are just so happy!

I had plans for pretty much all of these rugs. The green one would go in our crazy colorful craft room, one of the small ones would go in front of the kitchen sink (thankfully, that situation’s now covered), and the runner would go in the entryway of my imaginary second home.

We have no place for this odd little chair, but the beautiful detail on it was just too good not to share.

So, we may have only come away with some pottery, but half the fun is thinking about the possibilities!


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