my favorite kind of to-do list

It’s finally here! Spring break, that is.

Since Easter falls so late this year, our spring break is crazily close to the end of the school year. Even though it’s messed with the usual school year flow, we’re so glad to be enjoying a week off with such beautiful weather! (well, beautiful weather as of Sunday, that is)

On Saturday night, the Raleigh area experienced an insane round of tornadoes that rivals anything I’ve ever been through. Yep, Zach and I watched a tornado from our front porch. Don’t worry- I wasn’t channeling my inner Helen Hunt- as soon as I saw that funnel cloud, I scurried to the hall closet and begged my husband to come inside. There were possibly tears involved. Thankfully, we were safe and there was no damage to the house. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the area. This was the scene at the end of the road our neighborhood is off of:

When we called the power company, the message we got said they hadn’t figured out why our electricity was out. Call me crazy, but I think it has something to do with the gigantic pine tree suspended from these power lines.

After driving past demolished mobile homes, drywall suspended from tress, and lots of emergency vehicles, we made it to downtown where we were able to spend some time with some friends whose house took quite a beating. Even though there was significant property damage, we are so thankful for the Lord’s protection through everything.

For now, we’ve been enjoying meals on the front porch, craft time, Ugly Betty on Netflix, and general spring break relaxation. I could get used to this.

In fact, in preparation for the more extended break that’s on the horizon, Zach and I have been putting together a little summer to-do list in hopes of maximizing our time.

I’ll spare you all of the details, but some of the things we want to “accomplish” this summer:

– Go to a rodeo

– Pick strawberries (then eat them)

– Play with babies (specifically, our sweet nephews and niece)

-Picnic at Womble or Bond Park

– Cable? (we don’t normally have it, but we got it last summer for the World Cup and enjoyed it as a summer treat)

– See an outdoor movie

– Paint the fence (or hire someone else to paint it)

– Get ferns for the porch

Yep. That’s the kind of to-do list I can get behind. June, here we come!


2 thoughts on “my favorite kind of to-do list

  1. Wow! So glad you guys are okay. I can’t wait to hear all about the tornado you saw. Hopefully Zach got in the closet. Love you!

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