a spring in our steps

 Thanks to the wonderful world of Wal-Mart, I’ve replaced my photo-upoloader cord , and I can now do a little spring break recap.

First off, this pattern of events pretty much describes how we spent the first part of the week.

Crafty fun for me.

Bojangles appreciation lunch for the mechanic of the house for doing the oil change.

Springy nail polish. Ok, can I just say that this was the first time I’ve painted my fingernails since I really can’t remember (maybe high school? maybe before that?) and it’s really kind of hard! I’m embarrassed to admit that I made five different attempts and the end result wasn’t that great. I guess that’s why people pay to have it done for them. In either case, it was fun to look down at a little color for the four days before I chipped it off (probably why I used to not do it in the first place).

Throw in a little (ok a lot of) porch time and some Netflix and you pretty much have the first half of the week. Simple, and amazing.

On Wednesday, we traveled to Boone with Zach’s younger brother. Zoe rode in the back of the Avalanche. It may have been one of the best days of her life.

While there, we got to see two of the most adorable little boys in the world (way too briefly- I’m dying to get back up there) and our cutie pie niece. The girls hit up the outlets while Uncle Zach babysat, the boys played this crazy investment game that the kids got Zach’s dad for his birthday, and we all enjoyed lots of delicious food.

Sweet Baby Canaan:

On Thursday, we took Zoe to a nearby creek for some swimming. The current was decently strong, and it was pretty hilarious to watch our puppy paddling in place upstream. She had a blast, but totally wore herself out.

That night, we enjoyed a delicious “Easter dinner” (since we all had to go home before the big day) and a crazy family egg hunt. I tied Patrick for last place, but I blame it on the fact that I was barefoot. Totally ready for next year’s rematch.

Peanut butter chocolate “place cards” made by Zach’s mom:

We also did a little egg dyeing. Have you seen this little Q-tip egg painters? So much fun!

On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful worship service at church, followed by time on the porch soaking up the sunshine, an informal Easter dinner at our house, and time with friends later that night. We were so thankful for such a happy Easter but, most importantly, for the saving grace and risen Christ that we were able to celebrate!

All in all, it was a really really wonderful spring break, and we said multiple times how thankful we are that we have jobs that allow us to spend such fun time off together. Now, just five more weeks until summer!


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