for the birds

Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We have had a great couple of days spending time with the Angle family, soaking up some sunshine, and generally being giddy that summer is officially a mere day and a half (plus two teacher workdays) away.

We’ve also been having fun watching all of the little spring babies in our yard get bigger. Here’s the most recent update from one of two nests in our front porch ferns:

They are so tiny and bald, and we love taking the occasional peek and watching them grow!

In semi-related house news, you may remember my birthday money indecisiveness from this post. Thankfully, I bit the bullet and managed to snag this little slice of happiness for our upstairs hallway.

I love the quote, I love the colors, and I love the extra punch it gives to our slightly cavernous hallway. Happy, happy, happy.

I made the paper flowers using Emily’s fantastic tutorial. They were the perfect Saturday afternoon craft- fast, fun, and practically free!

I’m still working on dressing the other shelves on the $2 rolling medical cart. I love the fun colors, but I think it’s totally throwing my otherwise neutral color palette for a loop, because I’m a little bit stumped. I’ll be sure to share pictures when I make a decision.

For now, enjoy the remainder of your Memorial Day, and don’t forget to say thank you to the brave people who have worked so hard to preserve the freedoms we enjoy!

when the dog bites, when the bee stings

Ok, so I’m not feeling sad, but I am feeling a little too bogged down to take pictures. Instead, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things on this Tuesday morning.

I love seeing other people’s favorite things posts, but one problem I usually run into is the crazy price tags. I mean, I would love a good recommendation for someone’s favorite shampoo, but not to the tune of $32. So hopefully, you’ll find this list to be a little bit more budget-friendly, but just as fun!

First up is Johnson’s Melt Away Stress lotion. I’m not really sure if this actually melts stress away, but being as how I seem to be perpetually worrying about something, I don’t mind giving the old placebo effect a whirl every once in a while. Mostly, I just love this because it smells amazing (nice and light) and isn’t greasy.

Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. Alright, I’ll cut to the chase. My hair does not have natural, cute volume. In fact, it’s pretty much a flatty pancake most of the time. Since this stuff is a little pricey, I only use it every once in a while, but the extra boost it gives is worth every penny. Plus, the name lets me pretend I’m this girl for a little while:

For Teacher Appreciation Week, we got to submit wish lists for “Materials Monday”, and these little guys were at the top of my list. Not just post-its, mind you, Super Sticky Post-its. They are pretty much incredible. They stick (and restick) to anything for like forever. Since a personal pet-peeve is the edges of regular post-its peeling off seconds after I stick them somewhere, these babies make me happy.

Physicians Formula Mascara. I’m not a huge makeup person, but if I could choose one product to use forever, it would be mascara, solely for the fact that it makes me look more awake than I usually am. I’m actually a fan of the classic pink and green Maybeline Great Lash mascara, but it started to really bother my contacts and make my eyes water like crazy. This kind is “safe for contact lens wearers” and seems to be a lot more gentle.

I mean, really. What would a favorite things post be without food? I pretty much haven’t had anything from Trader Joe’s that I haven’t loved, but these guys are currently at the top of my list. A friend brought them to our house for small group, and then left the extras for us to enjoy- which we did! Such a delicious mix of sweet and savory.

Last but not least, how could I resist sharing my current cleaning obsession? Between the lotion and this spray, I’m apparently on a lavender kick, but it. smells. so. good. When Zach’s mom visited us recently she even commented about how the smell reminded her of the lavender plants outside of her grandma’s house. I’ll take that over fake lemon scent any day.

Well, that wraps up today’s round-up. I’m off to navigate some end-of-year chaos!

make this. like right now.

We’re in the middle of End-of-Grade testing over here, so in lieu of sharing my own ideas today, I’ll direct you to someone else’s fantastic creation.

I have a distinct memory from high school of a friend’s mom making us the most delicious muffins ever for breakfast (thanks, Mrs. Patterson! :)). I’m not normally a muffin fan (or a person who remembers food), but she is one of those people who has such a knack for making things extra special. She served the muffins with amazing strawberry butter, and, many years later, I still reminisce about their deliciousness.

via One Ordinary Day


So, when I found this recipe from Deliciously Organized the other night, I was super excited. We tested it out on Monday and all I have to say is…YUM. It’s seriously like summer on top of an English muffin.I mean, really- strawberries, butter, and sugar. How could you resist?

The best part is it’s probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made. Basically throw some things together and mix them up.

*Warning: the recipe makes a ton, so you might want to half it, or make some to share (I don’t think it’ll be hard to find takers)

Have I convinced you yet?


Remember when I mentioned that one thing on our summer to-do list was to get ferns for our front porch? Well, we can put a big check mark next to that one, and it’s not even June! How’s that for a head start?

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I took a little drive to Angier to do some plant shopping. They have a few huge nurseries with great prices (in fact, we’ve found that several local landscapers get their supplies from the same place). While we were there, we loaded down our cart with five ferns for our front porch.

When we got back, Zach had chain cut at Home Depot to allow the ferns to hang a little bit lower and avoid the front porch highwaters look.

Then, my trusty assistant (ok, maybe I was the assistant) took about 15 minutes to hang everything and: voila! Instant southern charm.

I love how the ferns give more of a finished look to the front porch and help it feel like a cozy little room. At first, we were a little bit worried about how they would hold up in the sun, but they seem to be faring pretty well.

Just this weekend, we discovered that we aren’t the only ones enjoying the new addition.

My apologies for the blurry picture (didn’t want to make mama bird mad), but are those not the most adorable eggs you have ever seen? And you better believe that I’ll have my eye on that nest to bring inside after everyone moves on.

This little baby also recently took up residence in the yard:

Clearly, we’re getting our fair share of front porch sitting done around here, and I suspect it will continue until about…November.

blue glass jars (preparing for summer)

I’ve always been a gatherer. When I was little, one of my favorite things was going for “nature walks” and picking up random sticks, rocks, and flowers from the woods. Right after Zach and I got married, I had the idea of preserving little tokens from our trips as a sort of three-dimensional scrapbook. I picked up several blue glass jars from the flea market, and we’ve had so much fun adding to them throughout the years.

From our honeymoon (aka Funnymoon, aka post-wedding decompression) to Beaufort…

Our funnymoon (part II) to Great Britain (left) and summer trip to Charleston (right)….

Our first summer vacation (northeast road trip) together…

I still need to fill a jar for last summer’s Midwest adventure, and I’m hoping to add some of these (available at office supply stores) to label the jars (ok, I’ve been hoping to do that for the past 3 years…maybe soon I’ll actually get around to it).

I love how these little jars sit in our hoosier cabinet and spark memories of fun times together. As we toss around summer ideas, I’m excited to see what we’ll add to the collection!


To all of you who don’t have a week dedicated to the appreciation of your profession: my condolences.

I’ll try not to rub it in too badly, but let me just say that Teacher Appreciation Week rocks. Or, more specifically, the families at our school rock. This week we have been showered with love in the form of flowers, meals, homemade treats, gift cards, and sweet notes. Every day. It. is. awesome. I mean, really. Work is so much more enjoyable when you have people telling you how much they appreciate you on a daily basis.

For those of you looking for ideas for your kids’ teachers, I’ll let you in on my favorite from the week. On Tuesday, several of the families in each homeroom volunteered to provide components of a meal for each teacher. As a result, we enjoyed more courses than a meal has ever had in the Angle household. We had homemade bread, two types of salad, fruit salad, two entrees, and dessert. Our kitchen island was filled, and our fridge is still stocked. And, as a bonus, I got out of grocery planning, shopping, and cooking for an entire week. Score.

We love our school family, the awesome job they do of encouraging us, and the creativity that went into this week!

the goods

I thought I’d share a few shots of some of the things I was able to sell at the craft fair. I never got around to taking pictures of the earrings and clips, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some notebook cover fun:

I’ve had a few more “orders” placed in the last week, so I’m hoping to come up with some new fabric combinations soon, which of course I can’t wait for!