cross it off the bucket list

As silly as it may sound, having a booth in a craft fair has been a dream of mine since I was little. For as long as I can remember, my dad and I have visited craft fairs, and I have always loved the thought of being able to make something that people liked enough to actually spend money on it. The problem was, I didn’t know if I was actually capable of doing it.

This past weekend, my dream came true! Our school hosted a small craft fair just for fun (no entrance fee, and no percentage of the profits being taken). I figured that with such a low overhead, if there was ever a time to take the risk, this was it. So, I put together a few things and hoped for the best.

I’m thrilled to report that, despite low traffic at the fair (we’re thinking that Christmastime would be better next year), I pretty much sold out of fabric covered notebooks, and the earrings and hair clips were popular too. It was so much fun to watch girls get so excited about deciding which pattern they liked best, and it’s neat to see a few of my creations floating around school.

Since the results of the fair were so promising, I’m hoping to host a booth at a more formal event in the future, or open up a shop on Etsy. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know!

(Yes, I apologize for the one lame picture of my table. I blame the fact that I was surrounded by students and parents and I didn’t think it was very professional to make a scene being all goofy taking pictures. Next time, we’ll get more!)


One thought on “cross it off the bucket list

  1. yay good for you!!! open that etsy shop missy! love the covers too. my dream is to build up to a booth in the handmaiden market in raleigh…. one day, one day :) {p.s. thanks for the sweet comment on our family pictures!}

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