To all of you who don’t have a week dedicated to the appreciation of your profession: my condolences.

I’ll try not to rub it in too badly, but let me just say that Teacher Appreciation Week rocks. Or, more specifically, the families at our school rock. This week we have been showered with love in the form of flowers, meals, homemade treats, gift cards, and sweet notes. Every day. It. is. awesome. I mean, really. Work is so much more enjoyable when you have people telling you how much they appreciate you on a daily basis.

For those of you looking for ideas for your kids’ teachers, I’ll let you in on my favorite from the week. On Tuesday, several of the families in each homeroom volunteered to provide components of a meal for each teacher. As a result, we enjoyed more courses than a meal has ever had in the Angle household. We had homemade bread, two types of salad, fruit salad, two entrees, and dessert. Our kitchen island was filled, and our fridge is still stocked. And, as a bonus, I got out of grocery planning, shopping, and cooking for an entire week. Score.

We love our school family, the awesome job they do of encouraging us, and the creativity that went into this week!


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