blue glass jars (preparing for summer)

I’ve always been a gatherer. When I was little, one of my favorite things was going for “nature walks” and picking up random sticks, rocks, and flowers from the woods. Right after Zach and I got married, I had the idea of preserving little tokens from our trips as a sort of three-dimensional scrapbook. I picked up several blue glass jars from the flea market, and we’ve had so much fun adding to them throughout the years.

From our honeymoon (aka Funnymoon, aka post-wedding decompression) to Beaufort…

Our funnymoon (part II) to Great Britain (left) and summer trip to Charleston (right)….

Our first summer vacation (northeast road trip) together…

I still need to fill a jar for last summer’s Midwest adventure, and I’m hoping to add some of these (available at office supply stores) to label the jars (ok, I’ve been hoping to do that for the past 3 years…maybe soon I’ll actually get around to it).

I love how these little jars sit in our hoosier cabinet and spark memories of fun times together. As we toss around summer ideas, I’m excited to see what we’ll add to the collection!


One thought on “blue glass jars (preparing for summer)

  1. Aw!! What a great idea, Arielle!! I am always amazed at your unique ideas – you are so talented and gifted, Girl!! Love you!

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