Remember when I mentioned that one thing on our summer to-do list was to get ferns for our front porch? Well, we can put a big check mark next to that one, and it’s not even June! How’s that for a head start?

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I took a little drive to Angier to do some plant shopping. They have a few huge nurseries with great prices (in fact, we’ve found that several local landscapers get their supplies from the same place). While we were there, we loaded down our cart with five ferns for our front porch.

When we got back, Zach had chain cut at Home Depot to allow the ferns to hang a little bit lower and avoid the front porch highwaters look.

Then, my trusty assistant (ok, maybe I was the assistant) took about 15 minutes to hang everything and: voila! Instant southern charm.

I love how the ferns give more of a finished look to the front porch and help it feel like a cozy little room. At first, we were a little bit worried about how they would hold up in the sun, but they seem to be faring pretty well.

Just this weekend, we discovered that we aren’t the only ones enjoying the new addition.

My apologies for the blurry picture (didn’t want to make mama bird mad), but are those not the most adorable eggs you have ever seen? And you better believe that I’ll have my eye on that nest to bring inside after everyone moves on.

This little baby also recently took up residence in the yard:

Clearly, we’re getting our fair share of front porch sitting done around here, and I suspect it will continue until about…November.


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