for the birds

Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We have had a great couple of days spending time with the Angle family, soaking up some sunshine, and generally being giddy that summer is officially a mere day and a half (plus two teacher workdays) away.

We’ve also been having fun watching all of the little spring babies in our yard get bigger. Here’s the most recent update from one of two nests in our front porch ferns:

They are so tiny and bald, and we love taking the occasional peek and watching them grow!

In semi-related house news, you may remember my birthday money indecisiveness from this post. Thankfully, I bit the bullet and managed to snag this little slice of happiness for our upstairs hallway.

I love the quote, I love the colors, and I love the extra punch it gives to our slightly cavernous hallway. Happy, happy, happy.

I made the paper flowers using Emily’s fantastic tutorial. They were the perfect Saturday afternoon craft- fast, fun, and practically free!

I’m still working on dressing the other shelves on the $2 rolling medical cart. I love the fun colors, but I think it’s totally throwing my otherwise neutral color palette for a loop, because I’m a little bit stumped. I’ll be sure to share pictures when I make a decision.

For now, enjoy the remainder of your Memorial Day, and don’t forget to say thank you to the brave people who have worked so hard to preserve the freedoms we enjoy!


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