summer so far

We made it! Summer is officially here, and we are absolutely loving it. Absolutely loving it, and absolutely crazy busy. Zach has had a lot to do with “work” (more on that later), and I’ve spent most of our first few days off cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping, and generally getting our lives in order. That being said, we’ve still had time for our fair share of fun. Here are a few shots of recent excitement:

For our “assessments are finished, it’s the first night of summer” date night celebration, Zach and I went to Southpoint, our favorite local mall. We used a gift card my student teacher gave us for the cheesecake factory, and finished up the night by seeing the new X-Men movie (Zach has loved them since childhood). For the movie, we used passes that my wonderful husband found were being offered through General Mills. We aren’t being Cheerios fans, but a $3 movie ticket is hard to beat!

Of course, no trip to Southpoint would be complete without a little stop into Anthropologie. While we were there, I was floored by this amazing book structure. Their displays never cease to amaze me!

On Monday night, we had Zach’s younger brother over for dinner, a game of Settlers of Cataan, and…The Bachelorette (total Angle famly guilty pleasure). It was such a fun, laid-back night- just the way summer should be! We made these for dinner, and while P-dub is definitely not joking when she comments on the mess they create, they are totally worth it. Delicious, and oh so summery.

We have a few more things to get done today, but we’re looking forward to trying out the pool at our gym (it has a slide!) and meeting up with friends for dinner. Yep. I could get used to this.


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