my favorite farmer

Tis the season for garden veggies!

We tried our hand (ok, Zach tried) at having a garden last summer and, even though we did get a decent return (and waaay too many Habanero peppers), the results were less than stellar. My green thumb husband decided that it was most likely due to the soil (we tried just doing topsoil), so this year we added a little plant food to the mix.

I am pleased to report that the change has paid off, and we have gotten to start harvesting some delicious goodies! So far, cucumbers and herbs are the only things that are ready, but tomatoes and squash are right around the corner.

It has been so much fun to see things sprout up. We’re looking forward to lots of summer salads!

One quick editing note: in every place where I put “we” or “us” in this post, please substitute Zach. Because really, my black thumb and I can take no credit for the amazingness that is our garden. It’s all thanks to this wonderful guy:

On a side note, we have visitors at our house this week, including our sweet niece and the most adorable nephews ever:

Can you handle the cuteness? (photo courtesy of my super talented mother-in-law)


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