another one bites the dust

Last week, our vacuum bit the dust. Figuratively, not literally.

It wasn’t that old, but unfortunately it didn’t come with a warranty, and its demise did come at a bad time, so my husband quickly got to work finding us a new one. After some online research and input from the expert vacuumer in the house (I liked that our previous one worked on both hardwoods and carpets, and frequently used the hose and attachments), he decided on this one (a Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Rewind Upright) from Wal-Mart. You may think he bought it for the concise name, but it was really because the reviews looked solid, and it included all my requests plus a few other handy features.

The verdict:

I’m definitely pleased. The price was reasonable and, so far, it has worked really well. It’s significantly lighter, quieter, and stronger than our old model, and the automatic cord rewind feature kind of blows my mind. Such an obvious, wonderful solution. I enjoyed taking it for a “test drive” and seeing what kind of grossness our house was able to amass in its vacuumless state. We’ve been in deep cleaning mode for the past couple of weeks, so this little guy arrived just in time!


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