breaking news (and a house tour!)

It’s official:

As of today, our house is on the market. I’ll go into more detail later, but just to answer a few questions: 1)yes, we have been planning on this 2)no, we don’t have a bun in the oven 3)yes, we are planning on staying in the area

For now, I’ll leave you with a little tour of our humble abode:

I know I’m a little bit biased, but I’m a big fan of this house. We’ve been so blessed to spend the past two years here!


2 thoughts on “breaking news (and a house tour!)

    • Great questions! You know we love it when Grimme family members want to know detials on our houses! :) I just did a post on bedrooms/bathrooms, and square footage, but as for location, we are near the intersection of Kildaire and Ten-Ten. We’re technically in the county, but our mailing address is Apex, and there are welcome to Holly Springs and Cary signs right outside our neighborhood. I think we’re supposed to be annexed into Cary at some point. We like it because it’s close to everything but not as busy!

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