more news (and details on the numbers)

Part Two of the house listing news is that not only is our house on the market, it happens to be listed with one extremely adorable agent:

Yep, I’m a fan of his.

Zach got his real estate licence a year ago, but just signed on with an agency earlier this summer. He will continue to teach, but since we finish fairly early in the day and the kids only have PE Monday-Thursday, real estate fits well with his schedule. Plus, we’re both big fans of the whole house buying/fixing/selling process. In my opinion, he’s one smart cookie, and he really knows his stuff when it comes to houses. Plus, we all know that he’s not one to waste money- ours or anyone else’s. All in all, I really think he’s great.

Ok, now let’s talk numbers.

I initially didn’t post details on the more “salesy” side of things just because I wasn’t sure if the blog was the right place, but since I know some of you are interested, here they are.

Square Footage: 2,639

Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 2.5 (*there is also a random little room off of the guest room that doesn’t count as a bedroom but can serve as one or as an office/playroom- it’s the last picture on yesterday’s post)

Extras: .71 acres, granite, hardwoods, 9-foot ceilings, crown molding, new 15 SEER HVAC, cul-de-sac lot, porch and deck, county taxes and voluntary HOA dues

List price: $300,000

So, there you have it. If you’re interested (or if you’re in the market or are looking to sell), feel free to e-mail Zach (that handsome man up there) at


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