paint the town red (or at least the door)

Even though we’ve spent the past two years updating our house, this summer has been a whirlwind of last-minute fixing, cleaning, and updating. We’ve had several things on our list, but I thought I’d start by sharing one that, in my opinion, has made a lot of impact for just a little bit of money.

When we moved in, there were certain aspects of the house that had been…shall we say…well-loved. Too well-loved. One such area was our front door. It had several scrapes and smudges, and gave off more of a, “I need a nap” vibe than the “Welcome to our happy home” look we were going for.

Also, since this is the place where realtors will be fumbling with the lockbox while prospective homeowners look around and twiddle their thumbs, we wanted to be sure to make a good first impression.

We had discussed going with a fun color, but just had just hadn’t bit the bullet until Zach went to Home Depot and came back with a can of red paint. Sort of like when he goes to the grocery store and comes back with 85 boxes of cereal.

Even though Zach got paint and primer in one, we still ended up doing a few coats. Going from white to red is a pretty big leap. Thankfully, we are both really happy with the result, and it makes us smile every time we drive up.

We also like how the new color coordinates with  the furniture and accessories we were already using on the porch.

Plus, since we had to take down our NC State flag in the name of mass appeal, we are happy to still have a little Wolfpack Red represented on the front porch.

As you might have noticed in the pictures, we had removed the outer door hardware. Since then, we have updated the bronze with black to coordinate with the rest of the porch.

It was a simple, quick change, but we’re both really happy with the result!


2 thoughts on “paint the town red (or at least the door)

    • thanks so much, jessi! i could totally see you living here- it fits your cute southern style so well! :) we love it too- we’re going to miss it!

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