summer lists

We just got back from a wonderful week in Hilton Head, which I’ll recap later. For today, I’ll leave you with a post I put together before we left about a fun summer date night.

Even though I’m normally a mental to-do list kind of girl, the flurry of activity around here has caused me to start getting things on paper so I don’t risk forgetting important jobs.

Titles of these lists have included: Things to Do Before Listing, Things to Do Before Showing, Things to Do Before the Beach, and Things to Do Before Tomorrow.

Most of our goals have been little jobs, but it’s amazing how quickly all the little tasks add up. It’s also amazing how doing one job (like dusting the blinds) can lead to a zillion other small jobs that most likely have no impact on the sale of our home (like dusting the tops of doorways).

Thankfully, in getting all of our to-dos crossed off, we haven’t completely lost sight of our original Summer List. On Thursday night, we decided to enjoy an outdoor movie at my favorite local venue. The movie was Red, and while tickets are usually $3, anyone with a stuffed pig (a joke from the movie) got in free.

I had a little stuffed ballerina pig Christmas ornament (nothing says Christmas like swine in a tutu), which Zach claimed as his ticket. Why would a grown man want to bring a girly Christmas ornament to a movie, you ask? Because this was his alternative:

Yep, I whipped that little guy up in approximately 3 minutes. It may have been pathetic, but it made the lady at the ticket booth laugh, and it also meant we both got in without spending a dime.

The night was wonderful. The movie was cute and entertaining, the weather was beautiful, and there was some great pre-show entertainment (I begged Zach to volunteer for the trivia contest with me, but I got turned down). The venue allows guests to bring food from home, so we’re excited to go back later this summer and enjoy a picnic dinner!



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