we’ve been…

Despite the way things might appear on this little blog, we have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Summer just seems to be flying by- it’s hard to believe that we go back to school next week! Yikes. I’ll attempt to recap some of what we’ve been up to, but it may take a couple of days. As far as the short list goes, over the past few weeks we have:

-celebrated our fourth Fourth

– made a short road trip and picked up something fun for the house

– spent a week in Hilton Head

– spent a weekend getting kissed by lots of Italians

Today, I thought I’d share a few pictures from our trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Zach found us a great deal on Priceline earlier this summer, so we got to spend eight wonderful days here. Before we left, we stocked up on a few essentials:

Before we continue, I should warn you: be prepared for ridiculous amounts of food-related pictures in the next two posts. This trip was mostly about laying by the beach and eating.

Our hotel reminded both of us of Dirty Dancing. It was the first time either of us had stayed at a resort, and we loved it. They had tons of great events for families, and a beautiful pool deck overlooking the ocean. As a result, most of our time was spent in lounge chairs enjoying the sun, the sea, and some great summer reading:

On Sunday night, we ate at Hudson’s, which Rachel Ray featured on $40 a Day on the Food Network. The food was a little pricey, but tasty, and we left with very full bellies!


On Monday, we drove to Savannah where despite the heat, we were able to enjoy a great day exploring the city. We loved walking around and looking at the amazing architecture and beautiful trees. We also stopped in a few fun shops-I was a huge fan of both The Paris Market and the Modern General store.

Also while we were in Savannah, I found this hat on clearance. I may have felt semi-over the top wearing it, but I had fun practicing my Gone with the Wind impersonations and felt very Savannahish (not to mention, it was great for the beach!)

We stopped for lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons. I was a little nervous because I had been told by a couple of people that the wait would be ridiculous and it was overpriced, but thankfully we were able to sit and the bar and didn’t have to wait at all, and (possibly since we went for lunch) the prices were reasonable. On top of that, the food was a.ma.zing. Seriously, incredible. I had the asparagus sandwich and Zach had the crab cake burger, both which were “Paula’s Picks”, and both which were delicious. As a bonus, the bartender had a Tim Keller book, and we really enjoyed talking with him about it. Highly recommend this place!

(cheese biscuit and cornbread pancake, tea with mint, and asparagus sandwich)

On Tuesday night, we headed to Shelter Cove, where we enjoyed a great fireworks show. Since it rained in Raleigh on the 4th, we were excited to still have some fireworks as a part of our summer.

To keep from inundating you with too many pictures, I’ll share the rest of our Hilton Head adventures tomorrow.


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