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We have officially survived our first “week” of school (technically, the kids got here last Wednesday), and things have been great. The kids are sweet, and it’s nice to be back in a routine. However, I would be lying if I said that part of me doesn’t miss waking up when there is actually light outside and taking random field trips with my favorite person in the world.

On that note, let’s do a little reminiscing, shall we?

Earlier this summer, Zach woke me up one morning and said, “Today we’re going to Ikea. And the Pottery Barn Outlet, and to that fabric place.”

I think I’ve mentioned that he is amazing.

So, we grabbed a couple of snacks and headed out on our mini road trip (these three places, while within about 45 minutes of each other, are around 3 hours from our house).

Our first stop was Ikea, which I managed to get through rather quickly, since I had been keeping a mental Ikea wish list since…the last time we went.

I picked up a few of these:

And stocked up on these:

I think I’ve mentioned these before, but I’m a big fan of these dish towels. We really try to use as few paper towels and napkins as possible, so these come in handy a lot. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive, so there’s no getting upset if one gets a nasty stain.

Our next stop was the legendary Mary Jo’s cloth store in Gastonia, visited by such celebrities as John and Sheri of the amazing Young House Love. While I actually left the store empty-handed (since we’re not exactly sure where we’ll be living in the next few months), there were definitely several bolts I had my eye on.

This dandelion print was not only happy looking, but it (or its powder blue twin) also would fit in rather nicely with the rest of our house.

It’s actually a Thom Filicia fabric, sold for $44.99 a yard here. The Mary Jo’s price was $24.99 a yard- hooray!

I was also a big fan of this next print, which I’m pretty sure is a dead ringer for Pottery Barn’s Simone fabric ($30/yard).

I love it for a dining room- especially one that it open to the rest of the house. It’s such a great way to tie together colors from several different rooms. The price difference wasn’t quite as drastic, but the Mary Jo’s price was $17.98- not too shabby.

I really like the texture (and the colors- no big surprise) of this next fabric. Can’t remember if it was thick enough for upholstery use, but how cute would a chair be covered in this?

One tip: even though we didn’t buy anything on this particular visit, I was careful to take pictures of the label of fabrics I was interested in so I could remember them later and do a little price comparison.

This dog print is absolutely fabulous. Mark my words: Zoe will have a bed made out of this cuteness.

Our final stop was the Pottery Barn outlet where, expecting to bring back a frame or two, we actually returned home with something rather…gargantuan. I’ll be back soon to wrap up this little excursion recap!


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