we had the rug pulled out from under us

Alright, just keeping it real here: there’s a possibility that I may have had to Google that expression to make sure I got it right. I blame the fact that my brain is still adjusting to grown-up work days.

After our fun stops at Ikea and Mary Jo’s, we headed down to Gaffney, South Carolina, for a little outlet shopping. More specifically, for a little Pottery Barn Outlet shopping.

Alright, before we move any further, remember when I mentioned my slight annoyance with our highwater state of our living room rug? It definitely wasn’t any kind of emergency, but the insufficient size in comparison to the room bugged me on a regular basis. Of course, I didn’t want to break the bank for something that was definitely more personal preference than necessity, so I began browsing.

I started with Craigslist, but given that I was working with pretty specific parameters (8X10 or larger and a color scheme that would work with the room), I didn’t have much luck. (Thankfully, though, I was able to find a deal that helped contribute some funds.)

After my CL dead-end, I decided to do a little online browsing (aka filling up my Pinterest board with a zillion rugs). Here’s a sampling of what caught my eye:

In my earlier post, I mentioned pondering a black and white rug to add a more graphic element to the room. I really like the chevron on this one (from Rugs Direct) and the price isn’t too over-the-top.

Although I’m definitely a fan, I was a little unsure of how the stark white zig zags would jive with the more natural tones of our couch.

The quatrefoil pattern of this next one kind of sent me over the top. Love. it.

The tricky part is, while it apparently used to be sold as an area rug, I can only seem to find it in the 2’X3′ entry mat size.

Admittedly, this next one was my favorite. We all know that I love me some Dash and Albert, and the color and pattern of this one is just perfect. Plus, I love that it’s especially good for high-traffic areas, given that our living room is very…well, lived in.

Unfortunately, even though I figured out a way to drive it down with coupon codes, the $814 price tag was a little hard to stomach. I don’t want to spend so much on a rug that I’ll fret over every little dog hair or cracker that lands on it. (But I’ll be honest- I hoping to use the smaller, aka cheaper version, somewhere in our next house.)

So the online search was a little bit of a bust. Thankfully, our little escapade helped us out in a very big way. Pictures soon to come!



2 thoughts on “we had the rug pulled out from under us

    • Haha I’m not even sure I was going for suspenseful so much as trying to have things to post about while we’re in the in between phase and don’t have a lot of house projects going on, but I’m glad to be keeping you on the edge of your seat. Hope I can live up to the hype! :)

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