you lie like a rug

Ok, this post has nothing to do with lying. Just trying to keep the rug puns going.

Backing up a little bit: you might think it’s strange that we took a little shopping trip for house stuff when we’re hoping to move soon. Admittedly, I had the same thought…for a fleeting moment before I jumped out of bed in excitement. The moving process kept us from making larger purchases at Ikea and Mary Jo’s, but I was able to justify our Pottery Barn Outlet purchase for a few reasons:

1) We’ve actually already sold a few pieces of furniture on Craigslist in preparation for the move. We had decided earlier to keep a tally of all of the money we brought in through sales, and that money would go toward things we were hoping to get for the new house (a bigger rug was at the top of the list). As a bonus, since this one was cheaper than any of the other options we had been considering, we have more funds to devote to #2 on the list (a new mattress).

2) Yes, it’s a rug. And there is a chance that our next house will have carpeting. But, the only color of carpeting that we would consider keeping would be cream or white, and since our couch is a natural/off-white color, we’ll want a rug to keep everything from blending into one cream-colored blob.

3) Even though the rug we ended up with is pretty big (11X14), the traditional style of our current house means our living room is about the same size or a little smaller than what we’ll probably end up with.

4) If for some reason we’re totally off base on one of the above thought processes, the rug we bought was such a great deal that I’m pretty confident (from months of Criagslist rug browsing) we can list it and get our money back.

The first rug that we pulled off the shelf was an 8X10 of the Adeline rug. While 8X10 was more of the size we were expecting to go for, and the price was decent (I think it was $250), I just couldn’t really get on board with the dark colors.

Though the size of the Kate rug was a bit bigger than I had planned on getting, the color scheme had me at hello.  Also, as a bonus, I love that the picture on PB’s website shows it in a room that it amazingly close in color scheme to ours.

And just because PB can give you a better close-up shot than I can, here’s the swatch:

Do you see that? It basically incorporates every color that is currently on the walls in the downstairs of our house. Crazy perfect. In my opinion, it’s even better than the options I had scoped out online, because I’m not boxed in to one color. (And, to be honest, most of the colors I would choose are in this rug.)

The other bonus is that the rug is actually made up of lots of little loops (as opposed to cut pile), similar to the Dash and Albert rug. The Dash and Albert website says that it’s this feature that makes the rug good for high-traffic spaces, so I’m hoping the same will be the case for our little beauty.

So, here she is in all her “I’m actually the right size for this space” glory:

We’re excited to have found a great, less expensive solution. We’re so happy with how the rug is working out, both for now, and for later!


One thought on “you lie like a rug

  1. Gorgeous rug that makes a great room even better!! Good job, Arielle, and of course major good job to Zach for planning such a wife-loving trip! God definitely blesses you guys with the right deals at the right time!

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