i feel the earth. move. under my feet.

We sort of had an earthquake yesterday. Technically, it was more of the result of an earthquake that happened in Virginia, but it sure was enough to get everyone talking. When it happened, I was sitting at a computer sending out an e-mail to the 7th grade parents. my computer and desk started shaking, and I immediately started looking around for the kid who was spastically jiggling his leg. When I didn’t find one, I just assumed that the 6th graders were doing something crazy downstairs. Apparently a typical day at the office feels a whole lot like the world is shaking.

In related news, this has been floating around Pinterest, and it kinda cracks me up:

In the seemingly random spirit of earthquake-having, here are a few more random bits for you:

I am loving Target’s new line of back-to-school ads featuring teachers, the gym teacher in particular. I keep telling Zach that this is him:

I borrowed this from a friend (thanks, Robin!) over the summer and loved it. Such a substantial, meaningful book- I have since bought my own copy and plan on reading it approximately 20 more times. Can’t remind myself of the beauty of the Gospel enough. (That being said, please excuse the slightly cheeseball cover.)

Image via Amazon

I also read The Help this summer, and Zach recently took me to see the movie. While it wasn’t quite as fantastic as the book (does that ever happen?), I still really enjoyed it. I felt like the casting was spot-on. So many of the characters looked just the way I had pictured them. As a whole, definitely recommend it.

Image via freeweekly.com

Alright, I’m off to finish the demolition of a bag of Trader Joe’s pita chips and hang out with my husband. Which leads me to one final bit of randomness- this cute quote that I found on Pinteret.

It makes me happy.



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