abby’s woodland nursery

It’s official: my BFF is expecting a baby BOY in February and I. am. so. excited! Seriously, can’t wait to squeeze and kiss that little guy. In hopes of putting some productivity behind my excitement, I asked Abby if I could put together a little Inspiration Board for baby B’s nursery. *Please note: she had nothing to do with these choices, and she may think they’re totally crazy, so if you hate it, blame me. :)

Abby’s husband, Ben, is a hunter and fisher extraordinaire, so she’s thinking of going with a woodsy vibe for the little man, which I love. She already has bedding and a paint color (Sherwin Williams’ Rain, which I’m clearly a fan of) picked out, so I had fun digging up a few accessories.

1) I love the cute and colorful for kids, but still pretty and artistic vibe of these Charley Harper memory cards from Anthropologie, and I think they would be pretty adorable pinned to a bulletin board or framed.

2) Also from Anthropologie is this awesome mushroom pouf. Yes, it’s $168. No, I don’t actually expect her to buy it. But man, is it cute.

3) I love that I am so confident that this little guy will be pointed toward Scripture from the day he arrives. I think this is such a great verse for little boys, and I like how it would mesh with the rest of the room.

4) So, admittedly, this is a little boy, and I have a feeling he will not care at all about how his nursery is decorated, but he will appreciate some fun toys to play with. This would make both mommy and baby happy.

5) I love the rustic look of these rolling crates, and I’m sure portable storage will be nothing but helpful. As a bonus, crates like these are pretty easy to  find inexpensively at yard sales and flea markets.

6)  This “family rules” sign has been floating around Pinterest lately and, while I don’t think I would copy it word for word, I like the idea of a similar sign with a verse or favorite quote.

7) I’m generally not a huge fan of wall decals, but these remind me of this awesome nursery that was featured on ohdeedoh. A little less frilly, a little more graphic.

8) Since the bedding that Abby picked out features animals, I would probably recommend against going for any cartoony fabric elsewhere in the room. That being said, I think a couple of throw pillows would be great for softening up the room. I like the idea of using flannel shirts (possibly even dad’s old ones) to over pillows. As a bonus, the buttons make for a cute detail and super simple sewing!

*9) So I didn’t have time to round this last one up, but I think a red lantern-style light would be perfect for on top of a dresser.

Can’t wait to meet Baby B! February will be here before we know it!


5 thoughts on “abby’s woodland nursery

  1. YAY!!! I totally love these ideas…they are all great! If you happen to see some of those crates while you are out yard sale-ing, let me know :). Can’t wait to put these ideas to work! Thanks!!

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