going to the dogs

Ok, so I realize things have been a little quiet around here lately. We got cable for the summer, which makes sense when you have two months of almost agdendaless time with your husband, but once the back-to-school insanity sets in, not so much. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel and reinstall our Internet when we cancelled the cable. Thankfully, we are finally back in action, and I can fill you in on a few things that have been happening around here as of late.

First of all, we have recently added this to the Angle decor:

Oh yeah, you know you’re jealous.

Ok, there is a possibility that it’s hiding in our closet. We have been having showings, remember. Anyways, when the champion of the house was out drafting his team for one of his Fantasy Football leagues, I decided to have myself a little craft night.

Remember when I mentioned loving this fabric from Mary Jo’s? I can’t remember the exact price, but I’m pretty confident it was in the double digits. Later on, I was super excited to find it online for about $6 a yard. I was also really excited to discover that the fabulous Jamie Meares had also used it on dog beds for sale in her shop (I think a bed for Zoe’s size would be $120). Seriously. If that girl likes it, it’s hard to go wrong.

While I had originally planned on going with neutral trim to coordinate with the dogs in the fabric, but I loved the extra pop of color that the blue gave the beds at Furbish. Thankfully, I was able to find the perfect shade at Wal-Mart for about $5 a yard. All in all, not too shabby.

I modified this tutorial a little bit, and got to work. The sewing part wasn’t too hard, but I was a little stumped when it came to filling the cushion.

Have you shopped for batting lately? The prices are absurd. Seriously, I could buy a new pillow for less.

Thankfully, I remembered some Euro pillows I had gotten at a yard sale and put in the closet for future use. I ripped open one of the seams, took out the batting, and stuffed it into my cushion. The amount of stuffing was perfect, and it ended up costing me about $5 as opposed to $30.

Here’s a shot of the final product:

And yes, Zoe approves. (this was her first day trying it out- she has since mastered the art of dog bed sitting and is so cute curled up on her special spot)

As a bonus, and really the reason I wanted to make the bed in the first place, the little lady likes her bed so much that she doesn’t awkwardly lean us against the couch so much, leaving fewer dog hairs to deal with. Big hooray for that.